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TH 14: Blizzard Lalloon | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    TH 14: Blizzard Lalloon

    Hello Clashers! This time let's take a closer look at the Blizzard Balloon, our first Town Hall 14 Tutorial!

    Army Composition

    Main Army


    Clan Castle

    Planning the Attack

    Before starting the attack there are some important things we must observe on the enemy map. It's critical to check the X-Bows configurations (air or ground mode), the Inferno Towers, which can be quite difficult to destroy if they are on multi-target mode, and most importantly, check the Air Sweeper position as they can ruin your Battle Blimp.

    Step 1: Battle Blimp

    To start the attack, it's important to observe the Town Hall position in the village, as we will use the Battle Blimp with Super Wizards to destroy it.

    If the Town Hall is near the edges and more exposed, we can drop the Battle Blimp directly with only some Balloons to protect and deploy Seeking Air Mines.

    If the Town Hall in the center of the village it's also possible to use the Battle Blimp with the same tactic, but in this case, we must find a clear path away from Air Defenses or use a Lava Hound as a distraction.

    After deploying the Battle Blimp, it's a great idea to destroy it to deploy the troops right before reaching the Town Hall. If the Super Wizards are too close to the Town Hall, they will be killed by the Town Hall poison and explosion.

    To help the Wizards you must use the Invisibility Spell. In fact, you can deploy the first Invisibility Spell just ahead of destroying the Battle Blimp, so they will be protected when deployed.

    To give an attack boost, Rage Spell can also be used.

    If your plan succeeds, the Town Hall and a huge chunk of the village will be destroyed.

    Step 2: Heroes

    Before the main Balloon attack, we still have the Heroes!

    Once the Town Hall is destroyed, we can use a single Archer to lure the Clan Castle troops to the spot you want to deploy the Heroes.

    The main goal here is to kill all Clan Castle troops and as many defenses as possible with the Archer Queen, Barbarian King, and Royal Champion. If possible, killing enemy Heroes is also a great tactic.

    To support the Heroes, we can use Super Wall Breakers and Ice Golems. This will help them not only to survive longer but also to create a path inside the village.

    It's very important to aim the Air Defenses, Inferno Towers, Eagle Artillery, and Air Sweepers as they are critical defenses against air attacks.

    Step 3: Balloons

    At last, the main attack: Balloons!

    A great tactic is to deploys 3 or 4 Balloons on specific spots on the map where they will target important defenses, covering the biggest map area possible. Lava Hounds can be used as a support troop against Air Defenses and to disarm Seeking Air Mines.

    If the enemy Heroes are still alive, it's time to use the Headhunters.

    On this step, it's also finally time to deploy the Grand Warden. Use him in the area where you will deploy most Balloons, and if necessary, where you will deploy the Headhunters. This will help them to kill enemy Heroes.

    The best spells on this step are the Freeze Spell and Haste Spell, but be sure to deploy them one at a time without rushing. The critical areas on the map are near multi-target Inferno Towers.

    Step 4: 100%

    If you succeed, it's time to make sure you will not run out of time before getting 100%! Balloons are quite slow, so make sure to save one or two Minions to be deployed at the end of the attack to destroy the non-defensive buildings left.


    This is currently a quite good attack that can be used on Legend League and especially on Clan Wars and Clan War Leagues, as the players have more time to plan the attack ahead. In fact, planning is the most important step in this attack, everything must be well thought ahead or it might not work well or even run out of time.


    If the Battle Blimp fails to reach the Town Hall or if the Heroes don't destroy a big chunk of the enemy village, it will be quite hard to get 100%, making this attack and bit risky.


    It is currently one of the most powerful attacks we are seeing on Clan War Leagues, but requires some planning and practice, especially to make all steps on the right timing and on the right spots, making it definitely a pro attack!

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