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Super Wall Breaker | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Super Wall Breaker

    Who knew that rolling was so much superior to running? Super Wall Breakers use pre-ignited bombs that blow up under all circumstances! No more duds!

    Super Wall Breaker is a Super Troop based on the Wall Breaker available on the Home Village.

    Super Wall Breaker Explained

    The Super Wall Breaker is a powered-up version of the regular Wall Breaker.

    Compared to the regular Wall Breaker, the Super Wall Breaker runs slightly faster, is around 3x stronger, and uses 8 housing spaces instead of 2.

    Both Wall Breakers make the exact same amount of damage on regular buildings, but against Walls the Super Wall Breaker really shines, making around 3x more damage than the regular one. This means that a single Super Wall Breaker level 9 can destroy a Wall level 14.

    Special Ability: Mega Bomb

    Bigger bomb that never fails to go off.

    The Super Wall Breaker features a Special Ability called Super Bomb which provides a critical improvement upon the regular Wall Breaker: the bomb always detonates.

    To detonate the bomb, the regular Wall Breaker must reach its target and have enough time to detonate it. If he is killed on the way the bomb is never trigged.

    This issue was fixed on the Super Wall Breaker as the bomb always explodes, regardless of reaching its target or not. This is extremely useful as it pretty much guarantees that the Wall Breaker will indeed explode the first layer of Wall on the enemy base.

    Another important advantage is that even though the Super Wall Breaker is affected by Spring Traps, the bomb will be detonated anyway, making it even more difficult for the defenses to protect the walls.

    Unlocking and Requirements

    To power-up your Wall Breaker, transforming him on a Super Troop, you must have a regular Wall Breaker level 7 or higher.

    As most Super Troops, you must have a Town Hall 11 to unlock them.


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    Upgrade Stats

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    Upgrade Images

    Level 7 - 11

    Level 7 - 11