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Super Valkyrie | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Super Valkyrie

    Not only are Super Valkyries superior to regular Valkyries in every way, they're also way more angry!

    Super Valkyrie Explained

    The Super Valkyrie is a powered-up version of the regular Valkyrie.

    Compared to the regular troop, she is around 50% stronger, does 50% more damage, uses 20 housing spaces instead of 8, and moves slightly faster, around 20%.

    Her attack and gameplay are similar to the regular troop. She likes to lead the attack, moving fast toward enemy buildings, positioning herself on a place where she can hit multiple buildings at once, and making 360º splash damage spinning a massive double-bladed axe.

    Special Ability

    Like other Super Troops, it's on her Special Ability that the Super Valkyrie shows her real value.

    When defeated, she drops a Rage Spell, making here a fantastic troop to lead the attacks, as her spell will boost your entire army.

    Unlocking and Requirements

    To power-up your Valkyrie, transforming her on a Super Troop, costs 25.000 Dark Elixir and requires a Town Hall 12 and above.

    It is available starting at Valkyrie level 7.


    Attack RangeAttack SpeedBarrack LevelDamage RadiusDonate CostGround TargetsHousing SpaceSpeedTraining TimeTriggers TrapsUpgrade Resource

    Upgrade Stats

    LevelDPSHitpointsLaboratory Level

    Upgrade Images

    Level 7 - 9

    Level 7 - 9

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