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Baby Dragon | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Baby Dragon

    This fire-breathing hatchling is shy around other air units, but leave it alone and it'll throw a fit! When not around other air units, Baby Dragons become enraged and gain bonus damage and attack speed.

    Baby Dragon is a Clash of Clans troop that can be trained with Elixir.

    He is unlocked by upgrading a Barrack to level 11, which requires a Town Hall level 9.

    This troop was introduced on the May 2016 Update, among with the Miners.

    On the Summer 2020 update, the Super Troop version Inferno Dragon was added to the game.

    Baby Dragon Explained

    Baby Dragon is medium health, high damage flying unit.

    His attack is ranged (2.75 tiles) and deals splash damage to a very short area (0.3 tiles), and it's capable of targeting both air and ground units.

    With a house of spacing of 10, he is half the size of the regular Dragon. However, if he has less than half hit points and deals less than half damage (unless he is "enraged") than his "big brother".

    Dragons don't have a preferred target and will always aim for the closest building.

    Although the splash damage affects a very short area, it is enough to kill several Skeletons from Witches or Skeleton Traps with a single hit.

    Special Ability: Rage

    Baby Dragon has a very unique special ability: while flying alone without any other flying units nearby, he gets enraged.

    The exact distance from other flying units to get the boost is 4.5 tiles.

    While he is enraged he the damage per attack doubles, giving him a huge boost.

    How to Use Baby Dragons

    Due to the nature of this troop and his special ability, Baby Dragons are mostly used alone as a support troop.

    Mass Baby Dragons are not really effective because they lose their special ability.

    Baby Dragons are usually used to take down buildings from outside the walls and prepare for funneling.

    They can also be used with Queen Walk. Since he is a flying troop he will not "steal" the Healers from the Queen, but he will also take down Seeking Air Mines and give the Queen some boost.

    However, if you only want to "clear the skies" for the Healers or to an air attack, Balloons use half of the housing space and can also do this job.


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