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Root Rider | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Root Rider

    This earth warrior is so in tune with nature she doesn't need to walk herself. Riding into battle on top a tough tree root which can smash through walls and slam defenses into dust.

    The Root Rider in Clash of Clans is an Elixir Troop that becomes available once you upgrade your Barracks to level 17, requiring a Town Hall level of 16. It was released on the 2023 Christmas update.

    Root Rider Explained

    The Root Rider stands out in Clash of Clans for its distinctive approach to combat. Unlike traditional troops, the Root Rider possesses the ability to tunnel underground, allowing it to bypass walls and other obstacles with ease. This makes it particularly effective for targeting key structures deep within enemy bases.

    One of the main characteristics of the Root Rider is its focus on targeting defensive structures. Once it emerges from underground, it deals significant damage, especially to single-target defenses. However, its vulnerability lies in its relatively lower health compared to other heavy-hitting troops, making it susceptible to area damage defenses like the Wizard Tower or Scatter Shot.

    Another notable feature of the Root Rider is its speed. While it moves at a moderate pace on the surface, its underground movement is considerably faster, allowing for quick repositioning and surprise attacks. This characteristic is particularly useful in battles where time is of the essence.

    How to Use Root Rider

    To maximize the effectiveness of the Root Rider, it's important to understand its strengths and weaknesses. Here are some strategies for using this troop effectively:

    Targeting Key Defenses: Deploy the Root Rider to take out high-value targets like Eagle Artillery, Inferno Towers, or Air Defenses. Its ability to bypass walls makes it ideal for reaching these typically well-protected structures.

    Support with Other Troops: Since the Root Rider has lower health, it's beneficial to pair it with tankier troops like the Golem or P.E.K.K.A. These troops can absorb damage, allowing the Root Rider to attack without being targeted immediately.

    Combination with Spells: Spells like the Heal Spell or Rage Spell can enhance the Root Rider's effectiveness. A Heal Spell can help it survive longer, especially when facing multiple defenses, while a Rage Spell can boost its damage output significantly.

    Timing of Deployment: Deploying the Root Rider at the right moment is crucial. Wait until key defenses that can target it (like the Wizard Tower) are distracted or destroyed by other troops. This strategy ensures that the Root Rider can do maximum damage without being taken down quickly.

    Scouting the Base: Before deploying the Root Rider, analyze the enemy base layout. Identify the locations of traps and heavy defenses to determine the most strategic points for deployment.


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