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Electro Dragon | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Electro Dragon

    Possessing iron-tough scales and a breath of devastating lightning, the Electro Dragon's favorite thing is raining destruction from above. When vanquished, the Electro Dragon even pummels the ground with lightning strikes!

    Electro Dragon is a Clash of Clans troop that can be trained with Elixir.

    He is unlocked by upgrading a Barrack to level 13, which requires a Town Hall level 11.

    This troop was introduced with on the June 2018 Update.

    Electro Dragon Explained

    The Electro Dragon, similar to the regular Dragon, is a high health and high damage flying unit and doesn't have a preferred target, he will always attack the closest building.

    The big difference between both Dragons is the attack. While the regular Dragon uses fire to cause damage, the Electro Dragon uses a Lightning bolt on the attack is known as Chain Lightning.

    The Chain Lightning attack can hit up to 5 units in sequence with a single shot. The Lightning goes through the first target and hits the next closest target in sequence. Each time it finds another target the damage is reduced by 20%.

    Upon death, the Electro Dragon deploys 6 lightning bolts similar to the Lightning Spell, but with reduced damage. However, differently from the Lightning Spell, this lightning will hit and damage resource buildings.

    The Chain Lightning only goes to the next building if they are close together or with a single tile of distance (or a single Wall section). If there aren't buildings close enough the Chain Lightning will stop and not hit 5 buildings.

    How to Use Electro Dragons

    Electro Dragons can be used in large groups on a mass attack or alone as a support troop.

    Mass Electro Dragons are quite good and became popular even on Legend League.

    As a support troop, he can be used at the beginning of the attack to help funneling or during the attack as a support troop when the Air Defenses have been destroyed.

    Be careful with the Air Sweeper. The Electro Dragon has a very slow fire rate and the Air Sweeper can completely stall the Dragons, preventing him from attack at all. To save your E-Dragon on this situation you can use Haste Spell to make him move faster or Freeze Spell to completely stop the Air Sweeper.


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