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Balloon | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks


    These promoted skeletons have traded in their joy of destroying walls for a joy of destroying defenses. Deploy them to take out pesky mortars and cannons!

    Balloon is a Clash of Clans troop that can be trained with Elixir.

    It is unlocked by upgrading a Barrack to level 4, which requires a Town Hall level 4.

    Balloons Explained

    Balloons are a medium health with extremely very damage air unit.

    However, they are very slowest troops on the game. They have both the slowest fire-rate and the slowest movement-rate.

    Targeting only defenses, they will bypass all other buildings and enemy troops, including Heroes, flying directly to the closest defense. With a range of only 0.5 tiles, the Balloons must stand right on top of the target to perform their attack.

    Upon death, the Balloon falls from the sky and makes additional splash damage. They are, among Golems and Lava Hounds, the only troops that deals damage upon death.

    How to Use Balloons

    Balloons are overall a great air unit and it is commonly used even on the Legend League. It can be used in small groups to snipe defenses, to "clear the skies" and as a mass attack unit.

    Snipe Defenses

    On Clan War attacks where we can prepare the attacks ahead, Balloons can be used to snipe enemy defenses and prepare the funneling before the actual attack.

    This can be done deploying 2~3 Balloons close to the defense you want to take out on the edge of the village. Balloons target defenses so it can be easily predictable the path they will take.

    With the right preparation, this tactic can take down Archer Towers, Cannons, and other defenses that are usually placed on the edges of the villages.

    Clearing the Skies

    With a housing space of 5, Balloons are the cheapest alternative to look for traps outside the walls.

    Since Minions no longer trigger Seeking Air Mines, Balloons have the best housing space alternative to trigger them. Obviously, Balloons will also trigger all other traps - such as Air Bombs and Teslas - and will lure Clan Castle troops capable of attacking air units.

    This tactic is very common to "clear the skies" before the Queen Walk (saving the Healers) and before mass Dragon attacks (both Electro Dragon and Dragon).

    Mass Attack

    Balloons can also be used in a huge number creating a big Balloon parade. This is in fact a very powerful attack that can be used on o pretty much all levels, including the Legend League.

    This attack is usually carried with a couple of Lava Hounds. Since Lavas will target Air Defenses, it can create a big distraction for them, so taking 2~3 Lava Hounds is a great tactic. Release one on each Air Defense of the side you are attacking and they will protect the Balloons for some time.

    Balloons are very slow so they are commonly used with the Haste Spell. Since they already have a huge DPS, Haste (that uses only 1 housing space) has a better value here than Rage Spell (2 housing spaces).

    One important problem with this attack is that Balloons do not attack Clan Castle troops of the Archer Queen. With most Clan Castles filled with Dragons, this is a huge issue. The Archer Queen loves to take down Balloons, one by one.

    For this reason, it's important to plan ahead your attack: use your Heroes to take down the enemy's Queen and troops (not necessarily with Queen Walk), or make sure to kill the Queen with the Balloons on the beginning, while they are very numerous and might kill the Queen with splash damage.

    However, it's always safer to kill the Clan Castle troops and the Archer Queen before the actual attack.


    Balloons are a very good troop to defend your village on the Clan Castle.

    With such high damage, if it reaches the enemy troops it will probably kill them, including Heroes.

    However, it has a few drawbacks:

    • Balloons can't attack air unit so they will not even leave the Clan Castle against a mass Dragon attack.
    • Balloons can be killed with Poison Spell
    • Balloons are so slow that will have a hard time attacking fast troops such as Hog Riders


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