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This article is currently NOT UPDATED with the new Lightning Spell from the Summer 2020 Update. Hang in there, it will be updated soon. :)

• Hello Clashers, on this page I will review this popular tactic used to take down Air Defenses before deploying air attacks!


• ZapQuake is an abbreviation created by the Clash community for the Lightning + Earthquake Spells combo.

• The idea is quite simple: villages have up to 4 Air Defenses and with this combo you can easily destroy one or two Air Defenses before the actual attack, making this a great preparation to air attacks.

• It’s also possible to take out an Inferno Tower with this combo, but this is not effective as destroying an AD. Actually, the problem is the cost-benefit of using so many spells to take down a single IT.

• If the X-Bows are down and you destroy 2 Air Defenses, you can easily get 100% on most villages. In fact, even if the X-Bows are targeted to air, your attack will get much easier by destroying even a single AD.


• Taking out Air Defenses is obviously a preparation to air attacks, so the most common troop formations to use with this combo are Lavaloonion, Dragons and Lava + Dragon, etc.


• The number of Zaps and Quakes you must use depends on the level of the spells and the level of the Air Defense.

• You can see the complete chart of requirements at the stats page. That’s where the real magic is, check it out!!!


• It’s possible to use Queen Walk (Queen + Healers) to destroy an Air Defense before the actual attack as well. Both cases have some advantages, it all depends on the base configuration and how strong is your Queen. Let’s see:

- QW requires a strong Queen.

- QW will use troop space as it requires Healers.

- QW can only take down AD located near the edges.

- QW can get in trouble with the CC troops.

- Something can go wrong and you can lose the Queen too early, without destroying an AD.

• But has some advantages:

- QW doesn’t really requires any spells, even though Rage is very effective with the Healers.

- QW can “clear” one side of the base taking down other buildings as well, including Archer and Wizard Towers.

- You can use the King as well, creating a huge combo.

- You can take the CC troops out and kill them.

- All this can be done BEFORE the activation of the Eagle Artillery. Thinking about taking down the Eagle as well? Yeap, me too…

Good luck! :)

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