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ZapQuake | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks


    This article is currently NOT UPDATED with the new Lightning Spell from the Summer 2020 Update. Hang in there, it will be updated soon. :)

    • Hello Clashers, on this page I will review this popular tactic used to take down Air Defenses before deploying air attacks!


    • ZapQuake is an abbreviation created by the Clash community for the Lightning + Earthquake Spells combo.

    • The idea is quite simple: villages have up to 4 Air Defenses and with this combo you can easily destroy one or two Air Defenses before the actual attack, making this a great preparation to air attacks.

    • It’s also possible to take out an Inferno Tower with this combo, but this is not effective as destroying an AD. Actually, the problem is the cost-benefit of using so many spells to take down a single IT.

    • If the X-Bows are down and you destroy 2 Air Defenses, you can easily get 100% on most villages. In fact, even if the X-Bows are targeted to air, your attack will get much easier by destroying even a single AD.


    • Taking out Air Defenses is obviously a preparation to air attacks, so the most common troop formations to use with this combo are Lavaloonion, Dragons and Lava + Dragon, etc.


    • The number of Zaps and Quakes you must use depends on the level of the spells and the level of the Air Defense.

    • You can see the complete chart of requirements at the stats page. That’s where the real magic is, check it out!!!


    • It’s possible to use Queen Walk (Queen + Healers) to destroy an Air Defense before the actual attack as well. Both cases have some advantages, it all depends on the base configuration and how strong is your Queen. Let’s see:

    • QW requires a strong Queen.
    • QW will use troop space as it requires Healers.
    • QW can only take down AD located near the edges.
    • QW can get in trouble with the CC troops.
    • Something can go wrong and you can lose the Queen too early, without destroying an AD.

    • But has some advantages:

    • QW doesn’t really requires any spells, even though Rage is very effective with the Healers.
    • QW can “clear” one side of the base taking down other buildings as well, including Archer and Wizard Towers.
    • You can use the King as well, creating a huge combo.
    • You can take the CC troops out and kill them.
    • All this can be done BEFORE the activation of the Eagle Artillery. Thinking about taking down the Eagle as well? Yeap, me too…

    Good luck! :)