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Earthquake Vs Jump | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Earthquake Vs Jump

    When we think about attacking a village with ground troops, there are 2 spells that can help us to create a clear path directly to the core of the village, the Earthquake Spell and the Jump Spell.

    But which one should you use? Let's check all their differences so you can decide the best one for your attack!

    Spell Duration

    Let’s start with the only topic that has a clear winner, the Earthquake.

    Jump Spell works only for a limited time. If you have a maxed Jump, it will last 80 seconds. This is a long time, but the Earthquake wins because it permanently creates a path.

    Why is this such a big advantage? Because with Earthquakes you can create a permanent path before the actual attack. There are lots of things to worry about while attacking: boosts, spells, Clan Castle defense troops, etc. With the Earthquake, however, you can create the path before releasing the first unit and you don’t have to worry about it anymore, the path will stay there during all attack.

    So on this topic we have a clear winner: the Earthquake Spell!

    Radius / Long Distances

    Earthquake radius depends on its level. A maxed-out EQ spell (level 5) has a radius of 4.7 tiles. Jump has, technically, 3.5 tiles.

    With a 3.5 tile radius, the Jump Spell should work on a 7 tile area, right? Not really! When a troop leaves the Jump Spell area they will be able to jump a wall for a short time. Yeah, crazy! Even though this doesn’t last very long, this can extend the radius of the Jump spell to 8 tiles. The problem? There is no way to predict this, the troop must go straight to the other side of the wall when leaves the spell area. In other words, it’s not reliable at all, but well, it’s possible.

    The Earthquake on the other hand easily creates a 9 tile gap inside the enemy village.

    So which one is better for long distances? The Jump Spell just doesn’t work that well on long distances and because of a slightly smaller radius, it must be very well placed to create an 8 tile jump. The troops seem to be less likely to jump the second layer of walls, and of course, the Jump can also run out of time before all troops jump over the second layer of walls.

    So on this topic the winner is the Earthquake Spell!

    Housing Space

    Jump uses 2 housing spaces, Earthquake only 1. However, you need multiple Earthquake Spells to break walls, while you only need 1 Jump Spell.

    Regardless of the level of the walls and the level of the Earthquake, you always need 4 Earthquakes to break the walls, using 4 spaces.

    So on this topic, Jump Spell is the winner.

    TIP: Earthquake works better on long distances, so sometimes you will need 2 Jumps (4 spaces) to create the path you can create with 4 Earthquakes (4 spaces), making the space requirement even.

    Additional Damage

    This is something that only the Earthquake makes: damage to surrounding buildings.

    The first Earthquake, if maxed, makes a damage of 29%. The second will do 1/3 the damage of the first spell, the third will do 1/5th, the fourth will do 1/7th, and so on.

    This is great if you can reach the Eagle Artillery or Clan Castle while destroying the walls. These buildings have a massive amount of Hit Points, so reaching them with the Earthquake will help your attack. However, making damage on a Town Hall 12 or 13 will activate the Giga Tesla or Giga Inferno too early on the attack, which is a bad idea.

    So on this topic, the winner is the Earthquake!


    It depends on your army formation and the base layout, but you must take in consideration two things: how far you want to jump and how many housing spaces you want to spend to get through Walls:

    • If you want to jump over a single wall or 2 walls separated by only 1 building (3-5 tiles), Jump Spell is recommended because you will use only 2 housing spaces.
    • If you want a long jump of 8 tiles you can use 2 Jumps (4 spaces) or 4 Earthquakes (4 spaces), but the Earthquake will create a permanent path and damage many structures, so it is recommended Earthquakes.

    However, you must take into consideration the housing space and this is the main reason the Jump Spell is currently more popular on the game.

    Don't forget we will have Wall Breakers and the Wall Wrecker to help you to get through Walls, so wasting 4 housing spaces on the Earthquake Spell might be overkill.

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