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Clan War: Tips | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Clan War: Tips

    Hello Clashers! It’s Tom here (@HouseofClasers) with another exclusive tutorial for the House of Clashers app. This time I will give you 12 important tips to organize, manage and be successful on Clan Wars!


    The real preparation starts even before the war, when you select the members of your clan to join the war. Participating in a Clan War should not be a right, but a privilege. Make the members earn that spot! Avoid taking new members (they have a higher chance of leave without attacking) and players that are not playing that much on the current week.

    Clan War is serious business, don’t force any member to participate. However, the ones that chose to join the War must really participate, be active and collaborate with the clan. Clan War is about team work, so choose the right members to participate.


    Understand how the matchmaking works is very important to find a good war. Taking a couple of .5 Town Halls and Engineered Bases might be a good idea to get an easier war, although Supercell is reducing the small advantage Clans used to have with these villages. For more information about these villages check their articles here on the app and the complete matchmaking tutorial.


    Start the war when most of the clan members are online. This helps them to see to battle starting, making easier to discuss/publish rules and make them excited!

    47 hours later the war will be on its final minutes, so it’s also great to have the battle ending up when everyone is online and not working or sleeping. Great to celebrate victory, discuss mistakes and make improvements.


    Rewarding success if very important to keep the clan united and motivated. After a great attack, always congratulate the player. Reward with the Elder position and send Clan Messages with the name of the best attackers. Leaders and Co-Leaders must do everything possible to keep the Clan motivated, this is a key to success.


    On the other hand, you must know how to deal with failure. Everyone can make mistakes, so after bad attacks don’t simple kick the players! Instead, talk to them, discuss strategies, tell them what they did wrong, explain better attack strategies and help them to improve their skills.


    Make real Clan War bases. Yes, War Bases, not Trophy push bases. There are some differences between those villages. On your war base you don’t need to protect resources. Use them to create distractions and make funneling harder. To lower level players (up to TH 8, 9), make Anti 3 Star bases.


    Ask all members to collaborate with the donations on the War Map. Don’t make Leader and Co-Leaders donate to all members, unless it’s a specific troop that only one member has on a high level. Forcing someone to fill up 50 Clan Castles is expensive and frustrating. War is a team work, everyone should help!

    A good tactic is to ask members to donate to the player above and below on the map. This is a good tactic to make all members collaborate with the donations and to find out inactive players.

    There is a complete tutorial here on the app called “Clan Castle Troops”, check that out for complete review of the troops.

    Quick tip: it’s not recommended to fill all CCs with the same troops. This kills the “surprise element” as the enemy clan will realize all Clan Castles have the same troops after a few battles.


    Once the “Battle Day” starts, you can visit the enemy base and see the layout. Always do this prior the attack. Think where the traps could be, the Teslas and discuss your army formation and tactics with other members of your Clan.

    Fun fact: the enemy layouts you see on the Preparation Day are not the actual layouts that will be used on the war. This change was done when Friendly Matches were added to game. Since it was possible to see the enemy layout, you could ask a friend to copy and train attacks as many times as you wanted.


    If the village has already been attacked, watch the replay! Not only you will find out where the traps and Teslas are, you will also see the Clan Castle Troops. The most important thing: you will see how should NOT attack that village, since the first attack was a failure.


    Farmers, brace yourselves, this is not the place to think about loot and bonus. Everyone should focus only on the stars to win the the war. If the clan loses the war, no one will get the full bonus.


    Unless you are using the “Top Down” tactic, it’s always a good idea to save some strong attacks to the end.

    If all villages have already been attacked, there is nothing left to the weak players. Not only this can very frustrating to them, but this tactic helps the clan to use 100% of its force. If a weak player makes a 3 star attack, stronger players can focus on stronger bases.

    It’s always terrible when you lose the war because of a single star, especially when there is an easy stars left. So save some good attacks to the end to make sure you get all the easy stars.


    We no longer have ties on Clan Wars, so pay attention to the percentage of destruction! Never cancel the battle after getting 2 stars, wait and deploy all troops to maximize the percentage of destruction.

    Another tip: if you have to choose between two villages that already lost 2 stars, you should attack the one with a lower percentage of destruction. This can make the difference on a difficult battle.

    Fun fact: although Supercell claims the ties are over, there is still a chance to tie a battle: both clans getting 100% of destruction. The only way to do this is to get 3 stars on all villages. Yes, it’s not an easy task, but can happen.