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Spells: Quick Guide | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Spells: Quick Guide

    Hello Clashers! It’s Tom here (@HosueofClashers) and on this guide, I will go through the basics of each Clash of Clans spell. Let’s do this!

    Housing Space

    • There are 2 types of spells on the game: Elixir Spells and Dark Elixir Spells. The main difference between them, besides that one costs Elixir and the other Dark Elixir, is the Housing Space. Dark Spells uses only 1 space, while Elixir Spells uses 2 (except the Clone Spell that uses 3 spaces, and Lightning Spell that uses 1 space).

    • This is especially important because the Clan Castle level 4, 5, and 6 have a Spell capacity of only 1, so you can only receive Dark Spells and Lightning Spells. Clan Castle level 7 has a Spell capacity of 2, being the only CC level capable of receiving Elixir Spells (excluding Lightning Spell) donations.

    Elixir: Clone

    • This spell creates a copy of the troops that enter the spell’s radius.

    • Differently from the Clash Royale Clone Spell, on Clash of Clans the copy has the same level as the original one, but they last only for a limited time.

    • Heroes can’t be cloned.

    • Upgrading this spell increases the number of troops that will be cloned.

    • This is the only spell with a housing space of 3, so it can’t be donated.

    Elixir: Freeze

    • Freezes/disables all defenses and enemy troops for a period of time.

    • CC enemy troops will only be affected if they are inside the ring when you drop the spell. If they walk inside later, they will not be affected.

    • Same thing with the Hidden Tesla. This defense will only be affected after it was already revealed when you drop the spell.

    Elixir: Healing

    • The Healing Spell creates a ring of healing on the ground.

    • The Healer (troop) can only heal ground troops, but this spell can heal all units, including the Healer. Lasts for 12 seconds (40 pulses, one every 0.3 seconds).

    • Very effective with medium and high HP troops, such as Giants, Hog Riders, and Miners. Low-health troops can be easily killed and don’t have much health to be regenerated, so they don’t take full advantage of the healing.

    Elixir: Jump

    • Creates a ring where all troops can jump over walls.

    • Upgrading this spell only increases only the duration, nothing else. A Level 1 Jump has a duration of 20 seconds. This is already enough to most troops to jump the walls, so this spell is usually one of the last ones to be upgraded.

    • Troops can jump as many walls as they fit inside the ring. Double, triple walls, everything.

    • Even though the radius is 3.5 tiles, it’s possible to make an 8 tile jump with this spell, but you must be very precise, so it’s not recommended.

    Elixir: Lightning

    • Makes 6 lightning strikes dealing damage to buildings and troops inside its radius.

    • The radius is 3.5 tiles, and all tiles get equal damage.

    • The main use is to take down enemy defenses. After the introduction of the Poison Spell, Lightning is no longer used to kill enemy troops.

    • Works great with the EQ spell, creating the ZapQuake combo.

    Elixir: Rage

    • This spell boosts movement and speed of friendly units inside the ring.

    • On Healers, boosts the healing. Very useful.

    • Recommended on medium/slow troops. Doesn’t work really well on fast troops such as Hogs.

    • The Rage Spell cannot be stacked with the Barbarian King’s ability, Iron Fist, which has similar effect.

    Dark Elixir: Earthquake

    • EQ damages all buildings by a percentage.

    • This percentage of destruction on buildings decreases on the second EQ and keep decreasing forever if you stack them. This makes nearly impossible to destroy a building only by using this spell. If you have a maxed EQ, the first one deals 25% of damage, but you need 419 to destroy a building.

    • For this reason this spell works great with the Lightning, creating the ZapQuake combo.

    • Walls are the exception. 4 EQ will always destroy the Walls, regardless of the Wall and EQ level.

    • When used on Walls, always check for colateral damage. It’s always great to hit buildings with high HP as well, such as the CC, TH, Eagle, Infernos and X-Bows.

    Dark Elixir: Haste

    • Basically a nerfed Rage Spell that uses only 1 housing space, the Haste Spell only increases the movement speed of the troops.

    • Useful on slow troops with high DPS: Balloons, Dragons, Baby Dragons and P.E.K.K.As.

    • Those troops are already so powerful that don’t benefit completely from the Rage Spell, so it’s better to use 2 Hastes instead of 1 Rage.

    Dark Elixir: Poison

    • This spell slowly damages enemy troops. Very useful to kill small CC troops.

    • All troops inside the circle will be affected.

    • The damage made is similar to a single target Inferno Tower. The damage starts very slow and increases over time, so it’s important to keep the enemy troops inside the ring.

    • Not really useful against Heroes.

    • Can be stacked, so you can drop 2 spells at the same time to increase the damage.

    • If the enemy troops are just standing still and not defending, they will run away from the spell. This was done to prevent CC troops to be lured to the corner and killed with this spell.

    Dark Elixir: Skeleton

    • Spawns several skeletons anywhere you want.

    • Great to create a distraction and find Hidden Teslas.

    • Unfortunately Skeletons no longer trigger traps, so don’t waste your time looking for Giant Bombs.

    • On Hogs and Balloons attacks looking for 3 stars, it’s a good idea to have a single Skeleton Spell to help cleaning the base after all defenses were destroyed.

    • Even though the idea of cloning Skeletons with the Clone Spell sounds fun, you will get more Skeletons by taking 4 Skeleton Spells.

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