Village Entry Point


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• Hello Clashers! It’s Tom here (@HouseofClashers) and on this tutorial I’ll talk about the best place to start the attack. Yes, the best entry point. Should you start on the right or left? Let’s find out!


• When farming obviously the answer is pretty easy: first check where the loot really is: Miners/Collectors/Drills or Storages? Check this out first with a single Archer. Once you know the answer, aim for the loot!

• More about this on the “Inactive Bases” and “Farming Guide” tutorials here on the app.


• Well, now let’s talk about real PRO attacks! A good attack must begin with an excellent start, and that can’t be done if you start on the wrong place. So I made a cool with list the most important things you must consider BEFORE you put down the first unit! Check it out!


• This is something that depends on your army formation. Some troops are more vulnerable to Clan Castle troops than others. When using Hogs, for example, you MUST kill the CC troops at all costs before releasing them. So this first item brings me to the following question, do you have to kill the CC troops before the attack?

- YES: so well, you must start your attack on a place to reach the CC first. 2-step attacks are highly recommended. Use Queen Walk to kill them, or just some simple Archers to lure them to the corner and kill with a Poison Spell.

- NO: nothing to worry about here! Let’s go to the second item.


• They are more common than you think! Always look for a misplaced wall, but the real flaws are on the “Donut Bases”.

• Some clashers copy layouts but don’t quite understand how they work. Donut Bases have a core (TH + Infernos and X-Bows), a defenseless ring and an outside ring. The point is to make troops go around the village, but if the defenseless ring is not done right and has defenses on it, Golems and Hogs will go straight to the center.

• Remember that Air Sweeper is a defense, not a trap, and will be attacked by Golems. Very common mistake. Another popular error is the Warden Hero. He is a troop unit attacking, but a defensive building on defense, so he will be attacked by Golems and Hogs!


• Some troops are more vulnerable to traps than others. Hogs must be very careful to not go over double Giant Bombs for example. Take a closer look on the empty spaces inside the walls, that’s where the traps and Teslas will be and plan your attack according to it.


• It’s always better to avoid facing both Infernos at the same time, so it’s a good tactic to always start your attack going straight to one Inferno so you can “freeze” it with a single Spell.


• It doesn’t matter if you are making a 2-step attack, Queen Walk or deploying everything at the same time: the Eagle is the most powerful defense on the game, so the recommendation is to destroy it as soon as possible.


• The last, but most important tip: you must attack on a place that provides a good spot to funnel your troops to the center of the village.

• Some layouts are not 100% symmetric, offering the resources on one side and the Town Hall on the other one. So think about your purpose on the attack (resources or stars) and think about everything you will have to destroy to get to the core of the village, and most important, how you can funnel and create a clean path to get there.