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Clan War: Tactics | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Clan War: Tactics

    Hello Clashers! It’s Tom here (@HouseofClasers) with another exclusive tutorial for the House of Clashers app. This time I will talk about the best strategies to win Clan Wars. I’m talking about real tactics to manage and organize your clan that will make your clan win!

    Organizing your Clan is the best way to improve the chances of victory. There is no rule about how you and your Clan should manage the war, but there are some popular tactics that can help you to get more victories. Let’s see the most popular and effective ones!


    Probably the most popular and easiest war tactic to organize your clan. All members must attack the “mirrored” enemy on the first attack. If you are the number 11 you should attack the enemy number 11.

    The big pro on this tactic is how easy it is to organize. It’s a simple rule that can be easily explained AND enforced. Very easy to see who is not following the rule.

    But there are some cons. The most common problem is having to wait to make the attack number 2. Players can get mad when someone else attacks “their number” before them, but let’s face it, some players just can’t wait all day to give the second attack.

    The real problem to us, here at House of Clashers, is that different layouts requires different tactics and different players have different favorite troops. If a layout requires air attack, why should you force a good Hog Rider player to attack that village? Hog players should attack Hog villages. Lavaloonion players should attack air bases and so on.

    The best way to maximize the number of stars is to let the players choose the best layout to attack and give their best attacks. But hang in there, you can’t just give complete freedom or your clan will become a big mess. This takes us to the second tactic:

    MIRROR +-3

    Basically the same as the “Mirror” tactic, but the members can go up or down 3 numbers. Example: if you are number 10, you can attack the enemy number 7 to 13.

    This is a good tactic to give some freedom to the members, letting them choose their favorite layout and use their favorite troop formation. To maximize the number of stars, players should attack layouts that they are already familiar with the army formation they are good at. With this tactic, you can let them choose the enemy while still keeping the war somehow organized.

    Prior the attack, it’s nice to “call” the base on the Clan Chat to avoid 2 members preparing to attack the same enemy.


    This is an extremely effective tactic, but requires very skilled players and a very organized, or small, clan.

    This tactic is based on a simple rule from Clan War: every player can give 2 attacks, so technically, only half the clan members really must attack.

    With this in mind, players attack from top down: number 1 attacks enemy 1 and 2. Number 2 attacks number 3 and 4. Number 3 attacks 5 and 6. And so on.

    This works well, unless someone makes a mistake and fail an attack. The best thing about this tactic is that forces players to attack way below their numbers, increasing the chances of 3 star attacks.

    Besides the problem with failure, there is a problem with inactive players. If a player doesn’t attack it will complete break this tactic. That’s why this tactic is basically used on small wars, usually 10 vs 10, where the top 5 members can plan their attacks on the 10 enemy members.