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Anti 3 Star Bases | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Anti 3 Star Bases

    What’s up Clashers! It’s Tom here (@HouseofClashers) and on this tutorial I will explain the idea of the Anti 3 Star Bases and give some examples. Check it out!


    Anti 3-Star Bases are layouts created to Clan Wars, focused only on ways to prevent the village from losing 3 stars. The idea is not to win the defense, the idea is to prevent 100%.

    To understand how it works, we must understand the difference between multiplayer and Clan Wars.


    There are 2 main differences between them, let’s see:

    1. On Clan Wars, you don’t have to worry about resources because you will not lose any. This creates even more “useless” buildings to use as distractions. There is no reason to protect Storages and they have high HP, making them excellent distractions.

    2. You don’t have to win the defense. On Wars against great Clans, all bases will probably lose on defense anyway, what really matters is to not lose 3 stars. So War Bases make it easy to get 1 star, usually offering the Town Hall, but makes nearly impossible to get 100%.


    With that in mind, Anti 3 Star Bases uses some different techniques to lose only 1 or 2 stars. Here are 9 tips from the House of Clashers team!

    1. Town Hall is not centered. Actually, it’s quite easy to be destroyed. The problem is to get 100%.

    2. Clan Castle must be on center: luring troops out of the CC and taking them to the corner to kill before the attack is very important to some popular war attacks like Hogs and Balloons. So make impossible to do this! Keep the CC on the center of your village. A Dragon on the CC is fatal against Balloons, so make sure the CC is well protected.

    3. Protect the Archer Queen: the Queen is the most powerful hero on defense. She can target air and ground troops, shoot over walls and it is not targeted by Hogs and Balloons. Keeping her next to the Clan Castle is a great tactic to create a massive defense.

    4. Spread the buildings: create as many distractions as possible. Give away Storages, Mines, Collectors, Barracks, etc. This might make easier to get 50% and one star, but if the attacker is not great on the “Funneling” tactic, he will not get 3 stars on your village.

    5. Giant Bombs: make sure to place Giant Bombs in pairs. Double Giant Bombs are critical against Hogs. Keep the pairs on opposite sides of your base.

    6. Think about the Hogs: they are fast but follow defenses, so it’s easy to create a path they will follow. Make sure this path doesn’t take them straight to the center of the village and strong defenses. Increase their running distance as much as possible and add double Giant Bombs and Spring Traps to their path.

    7. Protect Air Defenses: they can never be the first defense targeted by the Balloons. Create a path the Balloon must follow to get there. You can also keep on the center near the Clan Castle.

    8. Create empty compartments to confuse the attacker. With so many empty spaces inside the village, there is no way to know where the Giant Bombs and Teslas are. On Hog attacks, this is very important.

    9. Time is your friend: with all those buildings around your village, the enemy will have 3 minutes make his funneling and destroy everything. He might run out of time! Placing Builder’s Huts on the corners is a great technique to prevent the 3rd star. To make this tactic even more annoying, you can place Skeleton Traps or Teslas there too, so the enemy can’t take down the Hut with a single Archer! I smell 99% attacks with this tactic!

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