The Beginning


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Starting a new game is always challenging, but with some easy tips we can progress quite fast.

With the new Supercell ID allowing us to play with multiple accounts it's really easy to start a new game for fun.

Builders and Gems

To first tip can be used even on the tutorial: don't use Gems. The biggest priority on the game is to get all 6 Builders, so saving Gems since the beginning is extremely important.

You start the game with 500 Gems and 250 will be used to purchase the second builder.

To complete the tutorial you must build several buildings as well. The game will tell you to use Gems to quickly finish them, but most of them takes about 10 or 30 seconds to be completed, so you can just wait and save some Gems.


Completing Achievements is the easiest way to get free Gems when you are beginning a new game. So always check the Achievements page to get some easy Gems.

An easy achievements is to create a Supercell ID. This is extremely important and will reward you with 50 Gems.

Upgrade Priorities

Clash of Clans | Home Village | Strategy Guide | The Beginning |

Rushing the Town Hall is very bad on most situations. Each time you upgrade your Town Hall it gets more expensive to search for battles and you lose more loot on defenses, so you should always upgrade all defenses before upgrading the Town Hall.

However, on the beginning of the game, until you reach Town Hall 5 or 6, there is no reason to upgrade the defenses so fast. To progress faster what you really want is to unlock more defenses, troops, spells and the laboratory. For this reason you can upgrade your Storages and only the required buildings to upgrade your Town Hall.

Looting is fairly easy on lower levels and you can easily fill your storages with a couple of attacks using only Barbarians and Archers, to the resources lost on defense are not that important.