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CoC History | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    CoC History

    Clash of Clans original release to iOS devices was back in 2012. Since then, many major updates with new features rolled out. On this article we will find out when each of these major updates were released, check it out:



    • 2012/08/02 Global release to iOS devices. The last Town Hall was level 8.
    • 2012/08/30 New defense: Hidden Tesla.
    • 2012/09/18 Spell Factory with 3 spells: Lightning, Healing and Rage.
    • 2012/10/15 Loot penalties when attacking lower TH players.
    • 2012/10/27 Town Hall 9, X-Bow and Jump Spell.
    • 2012/11/19 Clan Castle troops learned to jump over walls. I would love to see a replay with CC troops locked inside walls! :)


    • 2013/01/10 Heroes and Dark Elixir.
    • 2013/03/12 Dark Barracks and Dark Elixir Troops: Minion, Hog Rider and Valkyries.
    • 2013/04/17 Leagues.
    • 2013/05/23 Town Hall 10 and Inferno Tower.
    • 2013/06/17 Freeze Spell and second Inferno Tower.
    • 2013/07/29 Witch.
    • 2013/08/27 Hog Rider now targets defenses.
    • 2013/10/07 Released on Android.
    • 2013/10/10 Village edit mode.
    • 2013/11/06 Trap upgrades.
    • 2013/12/05 Multiple target Inferno Tower.


    • 2014/01/29 Hero Abilities and Gem Box.
    • 2014/04/09 Clan Wars!
    • 2014/05/16 Multiplayer and War bases are now separated.2014/07/03 Hog Rider takes double damage from Giant Bombs. The end of an era.
    • 2014/09/16 Lava Hound.
    • 2014/10/22 Skeleton Traps.
    • 2014/12/11 New layout editor, including the possibility of saving multiple layouts.


    • 2015/02/24 Clan Perks, Clan badge and Clan Wars opt-in or out. No more kicking before the war!
    • 2015/04/30 Air Sweeper.
    • 2015/07/01 Dark Spell Factory with 3 spells: Poison, Earthquake and Haste. Champion is no longer the highest league: Titan and Legendary League introduced.
    • 2015/09/09 Total Destruction is now a Clan Wars tiebreaker and Level 11 Wall was changed from “electric” to lava.
    • 2015/12/10 Town Hall 11, Grand Warden, Eagle Artillery, new Shield System and TH outside the wall no longer provides shield.


    • 2016/01/26 Loot Cart and Star Bonus.
    • 2016/03/21 New troops: Bowler.
    • 2016/05/24 Friendly Matches.
    • 2016/10/12 Friendly Wars.
    • 2016/12/19 King and Queen level 45.


    • 2017/05/22: Builder Base!
    • 2017/06/27: Night Witch and Roaster.
    • 2017/09/27: Giant Cannon and Drop Ship.
    • 2017/10/11: Clan Perks.
    • 2017/12/18: Clan Games.


    • 2018/03/05: Mega Tesla, Super P.E.K.K.A and the Trader.
    • 2018/06/11: Town Hall 12! Giga Tesla, Battle Blimp, Wall Wrecker and Electro Dragon.
    • 2018/10/23: Clan War Leagues, League Medals, Tornado Trap, Magic Hammers, Clock Tower Potion and new Goblin Maps.
    • 2018/12/10: Ice Golem, Bat Spell, Stone Slammer, Shovel of Obstacles, Hero Potion.


    • 2019/04/02: Season Challenges and Hero Skins.

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