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Clan Perks | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Clan Perks

    Earn Clan XP and level up your clan to unlock powerful perks! Clan XP is earned by competing in Clan Wars.

    Clan Perks is feature that allows your Clan to be upgraded, offering exclusive features to its members.

    Obtaining Clan XP

    Clan XP can be obtained by playing Clan Wars and Clan Games.

    As your clan collects XP (Experience), your clan will automatically level up.

    Clan Perks Explained

    Clan XP obtained through Clan Wars

    Perks are special boosts that improve your Clan. Currently, we have 6 Perks:

    Donation Request Waiting Time

    This perk reduces the waiting time to request Clan Troops again.

    Donation Limit

    Each clan member can donate only 5 troops and 1 spell to a friendly Clan Castle. With this perk, this number can be increased up to 9 troops and 3 spells.

    Donation Refund

    This perk refunds the donator a percentage of the resources spent to produce the troop, spell or Siege Machine. The highest donation refund is 50%.

    Donation Upgrade

    Probably the most useful perk, it increases the level of the donation. If you donate a Golem level 1, the friendly Clan Castle can receive a Golem level 3 with this Perk.

    The level upgrade is limited by the troop max level allowed by the receiver’s town hall level.

    Treasury Extra Storage

    This perk increases the Treasury storage capacity up to 50%.

    War Bonus Extra Loot

    When you win battles on Clan Wars you are rewarded with an extra loot that is received when you the War is over. With this perk, this loot can be increased up to 25%.

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