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Hero Skins | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Hero Skins

    Hero Skins are a decorative feature available on Clash of Clans Home Village.

    Hero Skins Explained

    Hero Skins are decorative items that customize the appearance of Clash of Clans Heroes.

    Skins don't affect stats or gameplay; it is an aesthetic item that will not improve the stats or abilities of the Hero.

    Some special skins may also change the animation and appearance of the troops spawned by the Barbarian King and Archer Queen.

    They were introduced in the Spring 2019 update. The first Hero Skin ever was the Gladiator King, available when completing the April 2019 Season Challenges.

    Obtaining Hero Skins

    Depending on the skin type, they can be obtained through the Gold Pass (Season Challenges) or at the Shop for Gems or Special Offers (real money).

    Final reward unlocked: Gladiator King skin!

    Season Challenges skins are obtained by purchasing the Gold Pass and completing enough tasks. Every Season Challenges will reward a unique skin to a hero, and a new Gold Pass must be purchased. To unlock an exclusive hero skin, you must buy the U$5 Gold Tier for the Season and complete enough challenges to get this reward.

    Every Season will reward an exclusive skin that can be kept forever.

    Skins can also be purchased and obtained for Heroes you haven't unlocked yet. Once you build their Altair and unlock the specific Hero, the skin will be available ready to be used.

    Skin Types

    There are 3 skin types available in the game; each one can be obtained in a different way and at different costs:

    • Gold Skin: these are the normal skins featured as a reward when you purchase Gold Pass in Season Challenges for U$ 4.99. Usually around a year later, they can be bought for 1.500 Gems at the Shop on the Cosmetic tab.
    • Standard Skin: available at the shop as a special offer for U$ 3.99.
    • Legendary Skin: available at the shop for R$ 9.99.