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Heroes Explained | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Heroes Explained

    Heroes are a special type of troop on Clash of Clans, featuring unique abilities and being immortal.

    Heroes Explained

    There are currently 5 Heroes on Clash of Clans, 4 on your Home Village:

    And 1 on the Builder Base:

    Unlocking Heroes

    Unlike other troops, Heroes are not unlocked by upgrading the Barracks or Dark Barracks.

    To unlock a Hero, you must build the respective altar on your base. Each Hero requires a different Town Hall level to unlock the altar:

    • Barbarian King: Town Hall level 7 required.
    • Archer Queen: Town Hall 9 level required.
    • Grand Warden: Town Hall level 11 required.
    • Royal Champion: Town Hall level 13 required.
    • Battle Machine: Builder Hall level 5

    Heroes Gameplay

    Heroes have a very unique gameplay: they are immortal troops, which means they don't have to be trained each time to be used on the battles.

    Instead of dying, they are put to "sleep" when they run out of HP. After the battle, each Hero automatically regenerates their life over time, a process that can take up to 42 minutes and doesn't cost anything. The higher level the Hero still, the longer it takes to regenerate their life.

    Starting on level 5, each Hero also features a Special Ability that can be manually activated during the battles.

    All heroes from the Home Village can use their ability once. If you forget to activate the ability and the Hero is about to die, the game will automatically activate the ability, which can give him some extra lifetime depending on the Hero.

    The Battle Machine, the only Hero from the Builder Base, can use his ability multiple times during battles. When the ability is used, a timer shows up displaying when you can activate his ability again.

    Extra Life

    Introduced on the Bonus Update on 02/16/2022, all Home Village Heros have an extra life, so the players can make two consecutive attacks without waiting for their life to regenerate after the battle first battle, even if they suffered damage.

    When a Hero returns from battle to the Home Village after taking damage, the Extra Life health is used towards healing these battle-worn champions. For example:

    • If a Hero has 50% Health left at the end of an attack and the Extra Life bar is at 100%, then that Hero is fully healed and the Extra Life bar is reduced to 50%.
    • If a Hero is reduced to 0% Health and the Extra Life bar is 100% full, then the Hero will be fully healed and the Extra Life bar is reduced to 0%.
    • If a Hero is reduced to 0% and the Extra Life bar is 50% full, then the Hero is healed 50% and the Extra Life bar is reduced to 0%.

    Additional information about the Hero Extra Life feature:

    • Heroes first heal their health. Once their health is 100%, then the Extra Life bar will begin to regenerate.
    • The rate of Extra Life regeneration from 0% to 100% is the same amount of time it takes a Hero to fully heal.
    • This only affects the recovery of Heroes after attacks and does not affect a Hero’s maximum health during an attack.
    • The Extra Life is shown as a heart icon next to the Hero’s HP indicator. When the Extra Life is fully regenerated to 100% it will display a heart icon with a “+1”.

    Upgrading Heroes

    Different from all other troops, Heroes are not upgraded on the Laboratory, they are improved by upgrading their respective altar.

    This requires a free Builder and they can't be used while their altar is being upgraded.

    The upgrades can cost Elixir, Dark Elixir of Builder Gold, depending on the Hero.

    Some heroes have up to 80 levels and it can take a long time max them out. Having so many levels and being so important on the game, they are always the highest upgrade priority. The faster max them, the better.

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