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Witch | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks


    The Witch never fights alone, constantly raising dead warriors from past battles to lead her attacks. Upgraded Witches raise more skeletons at a time.

    Witch is a Clash of Clans troop trained with Dark Elixir.

    She is unlocked by upgrading the Dark Barrack to level 5, which requires a Town Hall level 9.

    On the Summer 2020 update, the Super Troop version Super Witch was added to the game.

    Witch Explained

    Witch is a low health and low damage Dark Elixir troop. On her main attack, she shoots blue projectiles, making area damage on targets 4 tiles away.

    However, she is known and used for her ability to summon Skeletons.

    As you level up, the number of maximum skeletons summoned increases, helping her to create a massive army of skeletons.

    Even though the number of summoned Skeletons increases on higher levels, she will always summon only 4 Skeletons every 7 seconds.

    Skeletons are fragile troops, basically used as a distraction to the defenses. However, against single-target defenses, they can quickly stack up and cause a lot of damage.

    Without preferable targets, the Witch and her Skeletons will always target the closest building or defense troops.

    It's important to know that Skeletons no longer trigger traps, so even though the Skeletons run ahead of the Witch, she can still be killed by a Giant Bomb.

    How to Use Witches

    Witches are very weak and should never be used to lead the attacks. She is a great overall support troop on ground attacks and is always placed on the back of an attack, as far as possible.

    Constantly summoning Skeletons, she can flood enemy defenses for an unlimited time, helping your main attack to take less damage from them.

    Witches are usually used in small groups, 2~4, so they can spawn a lot of Skeletons and flood enemy defenses more easily.

    Mass Witch attacks are expensive and might work well on weak villages, but they are no longer popular. It's a very fun attack and everyone should try one time since, in large groups, they can spawn hundreds of Skeletons. However, they are still very weak and will eventually trigger a trap (Skeletons no longer trigger traps) or be targeted by a defense being easily killed.

    Witches are a good defense troop too. If the attack doesn't have a Poison Spell of any splash damage troop, the Skeletons can easily distract the enemy's Queen ruining their attack.


    Air TargetsAttack RangeAttack SpeedBarrack LevelDamage RadiusDonate CostGround TargetsHousing SpaceSpeedTraining TimeTriggers TrapsUpgrade Resource

    Upgrade Stats

    LevelDPSHitpointsLaboratory LevelSummon Troop CountUpgrade Cost

    Upgrade Images

    Level 1 - 2

    Level 1 - 2

    Level 3 - 4

    Level 3 - 4

    Level 5

    Level 5

    Level 6

    Level 6

    Level 7

    Level 7

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