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Clan Games Changes, Schedule, Book of Building, up to 340 free Gems!


Clash of Clans | Clash of Clans November 2019 Clan Games: Rewards, Challenges and Schedule |

Clashers, the next Clan Games is about to start and the complete rewards list and schedule were announced today by Supercell!


  1. 1. Schedule
  2. 2. Clan Games Changes
  3. 3. Rewards
  4. 4. Bonus Reward Point Threshold
  5. 5. Unlocking the Last Tier
  6. 6. Season Challenges
  7. 7. Boosted Tasks


The event starts tomorrow (05/22) and ends next Tuesday (04/28).

Clan Games Changes

  • The cooldown for trashing a Task will always now be a flat 10 minutes.
  • The Gem cost for speeding up the timer has been reduced from 3x to 1x.
  • Point rewards that require you to earn Stars using Builder Base Troops, win Builder Base battles, get Builder Base Stars, and get Builder Base destruction have been lowered.
  • Several Task types will now reward you with increased points but also have a very slightly less chance of appearing in the Task rotation:
    • Tasks requiring you to get Stars against a specific Town Hall level or a Town Hall level higher than your own.
    • Tasks that require you to get Stars without using Spells or Heroes.
    • Tasks that require you to win Titan League battles, earn Stars from Wars, or kill Heroes.
  • We have also created and implemented a large list of new tasks.


Clash of Clans | Clan Games Changes, Schedule, Book of Building, up to 330 free Gems! |

The main rewards this month are a Book of Building, Rune of Gold, and a Shovel of Obstacles.

If you are only interested in Gems, you can get up to 340 Gems by selling the items.

Bonus Reward Point Threshold

Introduced on the Halloween update, you can pick an extra reward from any unlocked tier if you individually reach 4.000 points (max points possible).

Unlocking the Last Tier

To unlock the last tier the Clan must achieve 50.000 points. With the limit of 4.000 points to each member, the clan must have at least 13 active members to unlock the last tier.

Season Challenges

Season Challenges are not be affected as it lasts the entire month, so it will always run together with Clan Games, Clan War Leagues and all other special events.

Boosted Tasks

These are the Boosted Tasks for this event. Boosted Tasks gives extra bonus points for being completed:

  • Wizard Tower Warfare
  • Dark Spell Factory Sabotage
  • Destroy Tesla Towers
  • Destroy Archer Queen Altars
  • Star Collector
  • Helping Hand
  • Donate Spells
  • Gardening Exercise
  • Elixir Challenge
  • Lava is Love
  • Boxer Giant Punch-Up
  • Baby Dragon Bamboozle
  • Night Witch Batocalypse
  • Archer Ambush
  • PEKKA Punch-Up
  • Witching Hour
  • Baby Dragon Storytime
  • Eagle Artillery Elimination
  • Laboratory Strike
  • Spell Factory Sabotage
  • Destroy Air Defenses
  • Dark Elixir Storage Raid
  • Lord of Destruction
  • Dark Elixir Heist
  • Mortar Mauling
  • Destroy Grand Warden Altars
  • Winning Streak
  • Gem Heist
  • No Heroics Allowed
  • Attack Up
  • King Level Hunter
  • Building Breakdown
  • Wall Whacker
  • Wall Wipe Out
  • Sudden Stars
  • Mullet Madness
  • Sneaky Shenanigans
  • The Greatest Giants

Clash on!