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Gem's Guide | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Gem's Guide

    What’s up Clashers! On this tutorial I will talk about the best ways to spend Gems on the Builder Base. There is no right or wrong when spending Gems, but some things have a better cost/benefit. Let’s check it out!


    The first thing you will notice on this new village is that the most common and best cost/benefit use of Gems from the Home Base are not available on the Builder Base:

    You can’t boost your Barracks, the troop training takes no time.

    You can’t boost your Mines and Collectors.

    You can’t boost spell production as there are no spells on this village.

    These are the most common ways to spend Gems on your on the Home Village, and that’s what I recommend you to do there, but how should we spend Gems on the Builder Base?


    Differently from the Home Village, there are not many ways to spend Gems on Builder Base, here they are:

    Skipping building timers: honestly, the worst cost/benefit for your Gems. Just wait or be prepared to spend a lot of Gems.

    Clock Tower: things start to get interesting here. The clock boosts everything for a few minutes, Mines, Collectors, Barracks and building speed. The problem… it’s not cheap. The Clock can be used every 22 hours, so skipping that time can cost over 200 Gems. Ouch!

    Skipping the Loot Cap: you get the Win Bonus only on 3 battles a day. To improve your base, you need more resources and skipping this timer is the best way to to this. This can cost over 300 Gems, so make sure to push for more Trophies before skipping this timer to get better rewards. Once you reach the highest amount of Trophies possible (to get a better Win Bonus), skip the timer and win three battles.