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April 2021 Balance Changes Announced


Balance Changes

The brand new Town Hall 14 has been released a couple of weeks ago and we already have the first Balance Changes for the new content.

Battle Builder is getting a small boost, while Headhunter, Inferno Dragon getting a small nerf. Eagle Artillery will be less likely to target Hero Pets and this will probably be a boost to this deense.

Here are the complete change notes:

  • Builder’s Hut weapon range increased from 6 to 7 tiles
  • Defensive Builder's movement speed increased from 24 to 28
  • Headhunter’s DPS reduced from 108/120/132 to 105/115/125 for Levels 1/2/3 respectively
  • Inferno Dragon’s movement speed decreased from 20 to 18
  • Town Hall 14’s Poison DPS increases more quickly
  • Grand Warden will be less likely to follow Hero Pets
  • Eagle Artillery will be less likely to target Hero Pets.

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