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Battle Builder | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Battle Builder

    Nothing gets done around here without Builders! You can hire more builders to start multiple construction projects, or speed up their work by using green gems.

    The Battle Builder is a defensive building capable of targeting air and ground troops, and also repair friendly buildings.

    Unlocked on Town Hall 14, it was added to the game in 2021 with this new Town Hall level on the Spring Update.

    Battle Builder Explained

    Battle Builder is an upgraded Builder Hut that not only makes damage to the enemy attacker, but also repairs the defenses.

    The Huts will be activated as soon the enemy deploys a single troop, differently from Hidden Tesla or Eagle Artillery, which has special requirements to activation.

    The attack is similar to a "mini X-Bow": single target, fast reload, attacks ground and air units, and doesn't have a preferred target.

    Once there is a friendly building damaged inside this radius, the builder himself will go there to repair them.

    However, you can't kill the builder himself. To stop him, you must destroy his hut. Once the hut collapses, the builders will run towards it and hides in the underground.

    The level 1 Builder Hut doesn't have any defense, the builder will not repair defenses and it's not considered a defensive building, therefore not attacked by Giants, Golems, etc.

    Obtaninng All Builder Huts

    Builder Hut can be obtained only with Gems. Since you can only upgrade them to the Battle Builder on Town Hall 14, you probably already have all 5 of them.

    Build Cost (first):N/A
    Build Cost (second):250 !(pics_stats_common_gems.png)
    Build Cost (third):500 !(pics_stats_common_gems.png)
    Build Cost (fourth):1,000 !(pics_stats_common_gems.png)
    Build Cost (fifth):2,000 !(pics_stats_common_gems.png)

    O.T.T.O Hut cannot be upgraded to Builder Battle.

    Upgrade Differences

    Battle Builders can be upgraded using Gold.

    Each level up increases the Damage per Second, Repair per Second and Hit Points.


    The Battle Builder seems to have different ranges for attack and repair.

    While the defensive building has a 6 tile range, the builder himself will only repair buildings up to 4 tiles away from his hut.

    Tips & Tricks

    Coming soon.

    Town Hall Level

    Number Available5555555555555555


    Air TargetsAttack RangeAttack SpeedBuild ResourceBuilding TypeGround Targets



    Upgrade Stats

    LevelBuild CostBuild TimeDPSHitpointsTown Hall Level
    1-0d 0h-2501
    28,000,0009d 12h801,00014
    310,000,00011d 12h1001,30014
    412,000,00013d 6h1201,60014
    517,000,00014d 6h1351,80015

    Upgrade Images

    Level 1

    Level 1

    Level 2

    Level 2

    Level 3

    Level 3

    Level 4

    Level 4

    Level 5

    Level 5

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