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Multi-Archer Tower | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Multi-Archer Tower

    These Archers have teamed up to take out attackers faster and more furiously than ever. Teamwork makes the dream work!

    Multi-Archer Tower is a defensive building on the Home Village. It was introduced on the Christmas 2023 update, with the Town Hall 16.

    Multi-Archer Tower Explained

    This tower is a result of merging two level 21 Archer Towers. The distinctive feature of the Multi-Archer Tower is its capability to target multiple enemies simultaneously, making it a formidable defense against both ground and air units.

    This tower can target up to three different enemies, ensuring widespread damage across attacking troops. If there are fewer than three targets available, the Multi-Archer Tower adjusts its strategy by focusing more fire on the available targets, including a triple-arrow assault if there's only one target, or a double dose of arrows for one of the targets in a two-target scenario​​​​​​.

    Unlocking the Multi-Archer Tower

    To unlock the Multi-Archer Tower, players need to reach Town Hall 16. The construction of the Multi-Archer Tower involves merging two Archer Towers at level 21.

    This merging process is irreversible once started, and the towers cannot be separated back into individual Archer Towers.


    The Multi-Archer Tower boasts an impressive range of 10 tiles and occupies a 3x3 space. It can target single ground and air units, with a rapid attack speed of 0.5 seconds. This wide range, coupled with its ability to target multiple units, makes it highly effective in covering a significant area of your base​​.


    Upon upgrading, the Multi-Archer Tower's hitpoints increase, enhancing its survivability against enemy attacks. At level 1, it has 5,000 hitpoints, and at level 2, this increases to 5,200 hitpoints.

    The upgrade cost for level 1 is 20,000,000 Gold over 14 days, and for level 2, it's 22,000,000 Gold taking 15 days and 12 hours. As you level up the Multi-Archer Tower, it becomes more resilient and maintains its ability to target multiple enemies effectively​​.

    Tips & Tricks

    Coming soon.

    Town Hall Level

    Number Available2222222222222222


    Air TargetsAttack RangeAttack SpeedBuild ResourceBuilding TypeGround Targets



    Upgrade Stats

    LevelBuild CostBuild TimeHitpointsTown Hall Level
    120,000,00014d 0h5,00016
    222,000,00015d 12h5,20016

    Upgrade Images



    Level 1

    Level 1

    Level 2

    Level 2

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