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February Season Challenges Starts Today: Primal King Skin, Rewards and Free Gold Passes


Clash of Clans | February Season Challenges Starts Today | Primal King SkinBanner

Today a new season starts on Clash of Clans with brand new skin and tons of Magic Items!


  1. 1. Primal King Revealed
  2. 2. Gameplay Pictures
  3. 3. Free Skin / Gold Pass Giveaway
  4. 4. Unlocking the Primal King
  5. 5. February 2020 Season Challenges Rewards

Primal King Revealed

Clash of Clans | February Season Challenges Starts Today |  Menu Screen

The Primal King is the 6th Barbarian King skin and will be available to purchase on the next Season Challenges that starts February 1st.

Gameplay Pictures

This is the second "Primal" skin. Last month we had a Primal Warden, a Grand Warden skin with the same style, so it's very likely we will get "Primal" skins to all other Heroes as well.

Clash of Clans | February Season Challenges Starts Today | Gameplay 1
Clash of Clans | February Season Challenges Starts Today | Gameplay 2

Free Skin / Gold Pass Giveaway

As we always do at the beginning of every season, we are giving away several free skins to our followers on Twitter.

Follow @HouseofClashers and retweet the giveaway Tweet for a chance to win a free Gold Pass worth U$5!

Unlocking the Primal King

Clash of Clans | February Season Challenges Starts Today | Season Road

To unlock this skin you must purchase the 5 US Dollars Gold Pass for the current season. This time the skin is the very last reward to be unlocked, so you have to play the game and complete enough tasks to unlock it. It requires 2600 points, you should get that with 2 weeks of regular gameplay.

The Season lasts all month and you can purchase the Gold Pass up to 24 hours before the end of the season.

If you have any questions about how the Gold Pass works, please check our complete Season Challenges tutorial.

February 2020 Season Challenges Rewards

This Season Challenges features the following rewards:

  • Silver Tier - Free: 4 Potions + Book of Heroes
  • Gold Tier - U$5,00: Primal King Skin + 7 Potions + 3 Books + 3 Runes + 18 Wall Rings + Shovel of Obstacles

As always, there are also the Season Bank to all users and the perks Builder Boost, Research Boost, Training Boost and 1 Gem Donation to those who purchase the Gold Pass.

To unlock all rewards you will need 2600 Challenge Points. The Silver Tier is free to all players, the Gold Tier costs 5 US Dollars. Here is the complete list:

Challenge PointsGoldSilver
401 Gem Donation
80Book of HeroesHero Potion
12010% Builder Boost-
160Book of FightingPower Potion
20010% Research Boost-
26010% Training BoostTraining Potion
320Bigger Season Bank (10,000,000)-
380Shovel of Obstacles5,000 Dark Elixir
44015% Research Boost-
50015% Training Boost500,000 Gold
580Bigger Season Bank (15,000,000)-
66015% Builder Boost500,000 Elixir
7406x Wall Ring-
820Power PotionPower Potion
900Hero Potion-
980Builder Potion10,000 Dark Elixir
10603x Training Potion-
1140Resource Potion1,000,000 Gold
12206x Wall Ring-
1300Bigger Season Bank (20,000,000)1,000,000 Elixir
140020% Research Boost-
150020% Training BoostResource Potion
160020% Builder Boost-
17006x Wall Ring15,000 Dark Elixir
1850Bigger Season Bank (25,000,000)-
2000Book of Building1,500,000 Gold
2150Rune of Dark Elixir-
2300Rune of Gold1,500,000 Elixir
2450Rune of Elixir-
2600Primal King SkinBook of Heroes