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"Attack an opponent while they attack you. The best attack wins!"

Versus Battle is the game mode available on the Builder Base where two players battle in head to head matches, similar to a 1vs1 Clan Battle.

Once the matchmaking finds an enemy base you must attack and there is no way to skip. At the same time the enemy will be attacking your village as well. The player with more stars gets the Trophies and Win Bonus.

If the battle is tied with the same number of stars, the player with higher percentage of destruction wins.

If both players also have the same percentage of destruction, the battle has no winners, even if both players got 100%. This is a very common issue with low level player battles, but as you upgrade your village and raise your Trophies this is no longer that common.


The matchmaking is based on the amount of Trophies both players have and will look for a similar Builder Hall level as yours.


The Trophies you get are stolen from your enemy. The amount of cups you get is based on the Trophy count difference between the players, just as the Home Village system.

The Loot, however, is only the Win Bonus based on the League you are currently in. This loot is not stolen from the enemy, it's actually a bonus for the battle.

Winning by one or three stars doesn’t make a difference on the Win Bonus or amount of Trophies: the winner always takes all. For detailed information this check our Loot Guide.

In fact, you can win the battle even if you don’t get any stars, as long as your enemy doesn't get any stars and you get a higher percentage of destruction than them.

Versus League Level
Clash of Clans
Versus Trophy Range
Clash of Clans
Win Bonus

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans
Third Win Bonus

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans
Daily Available Win Bonus

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans
Cost to Skip Time and Start Next Bonus
Clash of Clans
League 10 - 995,00015,00025,00080
League 2100 - 19910,00025,00045,00090
League 3200 - 29915,00030,00060,000100
League 4300 - 39920,00035,00075,000110
League 5400 - 49925,00040,00090,000120
League 6500 - 59930,00045,000105,000130
League 7600 - 69935,00050,000120,000140
League 8700 - 79940,00055,000135,000150
League 9800 - 89945,00060,000150,000160
League 10900 - 99950,00070,000170,000170
League 111,000 - 1,19960,00080,000200,000180
League 121,200 - 1,39965,00085,000215,000190
League 131,400 - 1,59970,00090,000230,000195
League 141,600 - 1,79975,000100,000250,000200
League 151,800 - 1,99980,000110,000270,000205
League 162,000 - 2,19990,000120,000300,000210
League 172,200 - 2,39995,000125,000315,000215
League 182,400 - 2,599100,000130,000330,000220
League 192,600 - 2,799105,000140,000350,000225
League 202,800 - 2,999110,000150,000370,000230
League 213,000 - 3,199120,000160,000400,000235
League 223,200 - 3,399125,000165,000415,000240
League 233,400 - 3,599130,000170,000430,000245
League 243,600 - 3,799135,000180,000450,000250
League 253,800 - 3,999140,000190,000470,000255
League 264,000-4,199145,000195,000485,000260
League 274,200-4,399150,000200,000500,000265
League 284,400-4,599155,000205,000515,000270
League 294,600-4,799160,000215,000535,000275
League 304,800-4,999165,000225,000555,000280
League 315,000-5,199170,000230,000570,000285
League 325,200-5,399175,000240,000590,000290
League 335,400-5,599180,000245,000605,000295
League 345,600-5,799185,000255,000625,000300
League 355,800-5,999190,000260,000640,000305
League 366,000+200,000275,000675,000310