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Reddit AMA: Game Future, Skins, Builder Base, Legend League and more


Clash of Clans | Reddit AMA

Clashers, this week the Clash of Clans Community Manager Darian did a AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, answering many questions from the community. He talked about Build Base, Skins, explained why we lose the replays, Legend League and much more about the game.

Here are the most important questions, but you can see the whole AMA on Reddit.

Q. Do you think the Gold Pass will ever be purchasable via gems & will hero skins be obtainable in the future outside of the gold pass?

A. It's unlikely. The game gives more than enough free gems each month to more than cover the costs of the Gold Pass. We don't do monetary incentives very often, but the Gold Pass is an absolute steal in terms of value that you get from it. Furthermore, we DO need to keep the lights on in order for us to keep making content. It's just an unfortunate reality.

Q. Is there any scope for players who have removed special obstacles in the past to re-obtain them in some way?

A. We've discussed this and for now, it's a big "no". Part of what makes those rare obstacles so special is their rarity. And while it would be very easy to implement a system restore previously obtained obstacles it does open up the door to potential abuse since there's an inherent economic value to them.

Q. With the release of Town Hall 13 we saw 1 new troop, 1 new defense, 1 new hero, and 1 new siege machine. Were there ever plans for a new trap? Or maybe some spells?

A. There is always room for more unique additions to the game in future updates. If you noticed, we didn't increase the level for several troops and defenses when TH13 was released. We didn't want to release ALL of the goodies in one shot. We do want to make sure we can space out the upgrades over time. That way you don't get all of it done in the first week and get stuck with nothing to upgrade for another 18+ months (assuming that's how long it is before we add another TH level). That includes new Spells or any other new feature we'd like to add after TH13. We've got more content coming in 2020.

Q. Still kind of on the topic of TH13. With the new siege machine added is it safe to assume the team is already bouncing ideas for another one for a future update?

A. The TH13 update is the start of our next production roadmap. For reference, Clan Games, Magic Items, TH12, Clan War Leagues, and the Season Challenges were all part of a production roadmap that pointed to a single goal: The World Championship. But to clarify, the end goal wasn't to specifically create an esport. It was to create a competitive platform that the community has been asking about for years. In order to release such a platform we had to do several steps before that. Looking at things in reverse, in order for players to compete at that level we needed them to have the newest and "max"est Town Hall, so we added TH12. However, in order to get people excited for TH12, we needed to speed up the upgrade process so we added Clan Games, Season Challenges, and Magic Items. With TH13, it's the start of a roadmap towards a very specific design goal we have in mind. We're not ready to share what that is just yet.

Q. With the release of TH13 having just happened can we assume the Builder Base is next for an update?

A. We don't have any plans for Builder Hall 10 and beyond just yet. The Main Village has been going through a bit of a renaissance and we want to make sure we can keep that excitement going. We will come back to the Builder Base at some point - we just don't have anything solidly planned just yet.

Q. Is there any chance that Supercell adds multiple skins in a single season?

A. We work on skins month in advance. The two most time consuming parts of creating the skins are doing the animations and doing the high resolution renders (the high quality images you see used in promotional material). By the time we're done with one skin, our artists are already hard at work on the next one we have planned. Doing 2 in a single season would be very time intensive. I'm not saying it's impossible, we just wouldn't do it very often.

Q: Was the party warden designed to look like you?

A: No, he was meant to look like Judo Sloth. I was meant to look like the Party Wizard.

Q. Does every maintenance break wipe out replays?

A. Not every maintenance; just ones that affect the logic of troop/spell/defense behavior. Replays are not saved as videos. They are literally a recording of where you tapped on the screen, so when you watch a replay you're simply watching a "live attack" where the computer is re-tapping exactly where you tapped. However, when the logic of a unit is changed, that could affect the results of the match. Therefore any saved replays are no longer valid.

Q. Has there been any discussion on the current win-trading situation that has been happening in the recent months in Legend League? There have been some suggestions like hiding Player's name and Clan's name, hiding decorations in the base, etc., to prevent it a little bit at least.

A. We're working with our anti-fraud team to get a list of ways we can reduce win-trading in the game. We've got a massive list of QoL improvements we're focusing on when we release the first major content of the year so hopefully we can do some more to help protect the integrity of the game.

Q. Can we get to raid bases in Legend League after doing 8th attack that add just loot and no trophies?

A. This is something that's been requested quite a bit and it's one we're discussing. One of the great things about Legend League is that it's a fair system where everyone gets the same number of attacks and defenses. But one major handicap is not simply being able to play after your 8 attacks are done. There are a lot of pros and cons to being able to attack for no loot or trophies so we're still discussing a few things.

Q. Using a Training Potion currently doesn't boost Clan Castle. Can we have a QoL improvement for it so it can boost Clan Castle too?

A. I can't say for sure this will get changed, but I know one of our designers is watching this AMA so hopefully he's taking notes on this request. ;-)

Q. Will the Village get a new Background, because the current one is seven years old.

A. This is a QoL improvement we're looking at for 2020.

Q. Are you happy with the Legend League System?

A. We're actually quite happy with it. It took us a long time to get there and there are still some improvements we can make, but overall as a whole we're pretty pleased with it.

Q. The revenge button does not work. Are you planning to fix or to delete it?

A. We don't plan on removing the Revenge feature. In fact we're pretty adamant about keeping it in the game but it does need an overhaul to actually do something. It's pretty high on our QoL list.

Q. As a hardcore builder base player, I would like to see a real Clan related battle aspect added to it, be it clan wars themed or something different.. Thoughts on this?

A. While we don't have anything "on the books" for new content for BB, one of our designers is thinking of ways we can create a more Clan-linked social experience for Builder Base. There are a few design obstacles we'd need to overcome first. It's meant to be more of a solo type of feature so there weren't any Clan-based features developed into it. Furthermore, creating a Clan War feature would need to address the head-to-head aspect. You'd have to be online the same time your opponent is. If you were to do a Clan War system, if you could attack when your opponent wasn't online then it's no different than regular Clan Wars.

Q. Do you have plans on releasing old skins so we can buy it if we have missed it ?

A. Not at this time. We have discussed just preliminary ideas but we haven't come to any final decisions about how we'd like to reintroduce old skins. We have too many cool new ones we are working on, and it's often times very difficult to look backwards and want to reintroduce old content. We may offer them in the store at a much later point but if we did that now, given that it hasn't even been a year since we first introduced skins, it would devalue the exclusiveness of them.

Q. As you have mentioned earlier that recruitment tool is being modified/ improved as we speak , as that is the only ingame medium to recruit (without using external app/platform) since global is no more for obvious reasons. Is their anything that you would like to share with us regarding the same?

A. As we've said in the past, we recognize the recruitment tool didn't exactly have the smoothest roll out. In hindsight we agree in that we probably should've kept the chat active as we worked on deploying the recruitment tool, then finally closing Global once the tool was in a much more productive state. However, all we can do now is work on improving it and we have been. We've been monitoring the results from the changes we implemented in the recent update and those results are showing much more positive recruitments. It's still not perfect yet though.

Q. Will there ever be a point where you can donate via your friends list instead of having to leave your clan to donate to a friend?

A. It's a QoL item on the list. Can't promise it'll make it in the next update but it is on there.

Q. In one of the previous AmAs you mentioned that you would love to add a feature showing who donated what so we could see which jerk is giving us goblins. Are we any closer to a feature like that coming out?

A. This is something that's pretty high on our QoL list for next year. But it probably won't take shape in the form of an audit log. It'll probably be more like an option where you post a request in your Clan chat for which troops you'd want to be fulfilled and those are the only ones that can be donated.

Q. Playing Clash of Clans in an emulator: is this against the Terms of Service or not?

A. Playing using an emulator is not supported. While technically it is a 3rd party program, and thus technically a banable offense, it's one of the less likely things we'd come down on someone over.

Q. Hello Darian, when is the next ClashCon?

A. While we'd love to do a Clash Con, throwing a Con is a very time and resource intensive endeavor. Throwing one JUST for Clash seems a bit of a waste when we have so many other games now. It'd have to be something where we could celebrate all of our games. The thing is, for an event like that, it'd be a shame if every game team didn't have something exciting and new to share. However, getting every game team to sync their calendars so they all had something to share at the same time is a near impossibility. Thus, logistically, throwing another Con is unlikely to happen for a while.

Q. Change of Clan name, is there a possibility that SC will take it into account?

A. For now it's an idea that's on the backburner. It's something we will likely implement in the future. However, with a recent surge in players returning to the game, if a Clan changed its name it would make it difficult for those returning players to find their old Clans.

Q. Recruitment of clans, there would be the possibility of a small communication with a simple message to which the guest could respond.

A. This is something we feel could be improved. One of the options we've considered is kind of a "fill in the blank" form to send prospective Clan applicants.

Q. Where do you or the dev team see clash of clans in the future? New gamemodes? Th20? 10 heroes? It seems to me like the game will get overwhelming at a certain point with so much stuff. Is there a point where development will stop or take a new turn?

A. New Town Hall levels are always going to be inevitable as we keep the game going. There will be a TH14, 15, 16, 17, etc. As long as there's a Clash team, we'll keep making new content. However, adding new game modes is a tricky thing. We don't want any new game mode to be as divisive as Builder Base was when it was introduced. We have some cool ideas that we've been toying with, though, that I think will add a really cool richness to the Clash experience once we can get the dev team to focus on it. Unfortunately, I do have to be that vague because we don't want to spoil any surprises this early in the development.

Q. I don't really see the clan system being integrated into the builder base. What are your thoughts on a clan war system, but for the builder base instead of just the home village? Or both at the same time? Has a "clan castle" been proposed for the builder's base? Where do you personally stand on all of these ideas?

A. Builder Base was always originally designed to be a more "solo" experience. It was something to do to kill time in between upgrades in the Home Village. So incorporating more Clan type things into it is very challenging since it wasn't designed with it in mind. The problem with a Clan War system for the Builder Base is that Builder Base requires your opponent to be online at the same time in order to preserve the head-to-head functionality, which is one of the main points of Builder Base. If we created an asymmetric battle system, it'd be no different than regular Clan Wars. So any kind of team competition would require a different approach. It's something one of our designers is quite interested in, so hopefully his ideas will eventually bear some fruit.

Q. What parts of the game are you focusing new ideas on? What could we expect to see be the focus of a future large update?

A. One of the things I mentioned last year was that we wanted to make sure we had enough content to keep endgame players spending resources. Whether it's through more upgrades or other resource sinks, we want to make sure they don't get stuck with sitting on a pile of Gold/Elixir/Dark Elixir that they can't utilize. We have some really cool features coming in a future update that will address this.