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Strategy Guide: New Lightning Spell Explained!


Clash of Clans | Redesigned Lightning Spell

Hello Clashers, on the last update Supercell introduced a "new" Lightning Spell, let's take a closer look and find what changed on the update!

The Lightning Spell is the first spell to be unlocked is one of the three original Spells from the game, among with the Healing and Rage spells. It was introduced on the September 2012 update with the Spell Factory itself.

Now this spell is getting a much-deserved redesign, so let's see all the differences and understand why the Lightning Spell will probably make a huge comeback on this update!


  1. 1. Housing Space
  2. 2. Damage
  3. 3. Number of Bolts
  4. 4. Splash Damage
  5. 5. Stun Effect
  6. 6. New Levels

Housing Space

Clash of Clans | Sneak Peek: New Lightning Spell |

The first thing you will notice is the housing space difference. Instead of 2, the new Lightning Spell uses only a single space, the same space of the Freeze Spell and Dark Elixir spells.

This means we can take up to 11 Lightning Spells to the battle on your army + 2 in the Clan Castle.


We don't have the exact damage to all levels yet, but the new Lightning will probably make around 20% less damage than the original Spell. However, it uses only a single housing space. This is a HUGE boost on the damage.

  • Current maxed Level 7: 660 damage using 2 Housing Spaces
  • New maxed Level 9: 560 damage using 1 Housing Spaces

Number of Bolts

Instead of 6 bolts on random places within a 3.5 tile radius, the new Lightning Spell has only a single bolt that makes damage on a single place.

With this difference, you can easily aim and concentrate all spell's damage to a specific building.

This is a big deal, as in the current version is very complicated to find out how much damage a single building will get as it hits the ground on random places.

Now we can easily find out how many spells are required to destroy a specific building. Mixing with the Earthquake Spell, this might bring the cool Zapquake back to the game.

Splash Damage

Clash of Clans | Sneak Peek: New Lightning Spell |

With damage only to a single spot, the new Lightning also deals splash damage. In this image we can see the damage to surrounding buildings with only a single spell.

This might be a great change as we can use against Clan Castle Troops as well, but we have to be careful to not activate the Giga Tesla or Giga Inferno.

Stun Effect

Clash of Clans | Redesigned Lightning Spell

The Lightning also stuns and "resets" the defenses.

We don't have the actual numbers, but the spell stuns for a fraction of a second, around .5 second. This is enough to stop the Inferno Tower and force it to retarget when on Single Target mode.

This will give the Freeze Spell a tough competition.

New Levels

If that is now enough, the Lightning Spell is getting 2 new levels. Here are the complete stats:

Damage RadiusStun TimeHousing SpaceBrewing TimeSpell Factory Level Required
??13 minutes1
LevelDamageCost Research Cost Research TimeLaboratory Level Required

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