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Raid Medals | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Raid Medals

    Raid Medal is a currency on Clash of Clans.

    Raids Medal Explained

    Introduced with the Clan Capital update, Raid Medal is the primary reward from Raid Weekends. It shares the same idea as Clan War Leagues, with the rewards being Raid Medals instead of League Medals.

    Obtaining Raid Medals

    At the end of the Raid Weekend, all participants receive Raid Medals for how well their Districts defended against the enemy, even if you are not a Clan member when the Raid Weekend ends.

    If you did not attack in a Clan's Raid Weekend, you cannot get any rewards from the Raid Weekend.

    Raid Medals Calculation

    Raid Medals are rewarded based on the attack and defense of your Clan during the Raid Weekend. All participants will get the same amount of Raid Medals.

    Defensive Raid Medals are based on the amount of housing space that defenses managed to destroy. Destroying just one troop is enough to start accumulating the bonus.

    Offensive Raid Medals are based on the number of Districts the Clan managed to destroy on Raid Weekends. To get this bonus, your Clan has to destroy at least one enemy District. This encourages Clans to always also attack in their Raid Weekends and not only defend.

    Using Raid Medals

    Raid Medals can be used on the Trader's Shop to purchase resources and Magic Items.

    They can also be used to fill your own Clan Castle Troops.

    What happens to rewards if I leave the Clan?

    If you attacked in the Clans' Raid Weekend, you will be entitled the rewards after leaving the Clan.