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Raid Weekends | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Raid Weekends

    Raid Weekend is a Clash of Clans event on the Clan Capital.

    Raid Weekend Explained

    The Raid Weekend is a period of time where Clans can sign-up to attack other Clan Capitals on Clash of Clans to earn Capital Gold and Raid Medals.

    Although it is called "weekend", the battle starts on a Friday and finishes on a Monday.

    Up to 50 players can participate in the Raid Weekend, with each member having at least 5 attacks.

    Capital Raids

    The objective of Raid Weekends is to destroy as many Clan Capitals as possible. To destroy an entire Clan Capital, you must first destroy (get 3 stars) all Capital Districts and then destroy the Capital Peak.

    Once all bases from the Clan Capital are destroyed, the game will find another Clan Capital with similar building levels for you to match. This means if your Clan manages to destroy all of the enemy Capital's Districts, the Clan will be able to attack another Clan Capital.

    Clan Capital villages are pretty big and usually can't be destroyed in a single attack. Unlike the Clan Wars and battle on the Home Village, the damage done on a Capital Raid is permanent and stays for the next attacker. So even if you don't get 100% on the attack, the next attack will start where you finish.

    It is also important to notice that Clan Capital Spells don't have a max time duration, meaning they last forever, even once the battle has finished. Clan Capital Spells remain in the District for your attack and for the attack that comes after yours, so it's important to place the spells where they will be useful on the next attack as well.

    Number of Attacks + Bonus Attack

    You have 5 attacks for the entire Raid Weekend, but you gain one additional attack if you are the player to 3-star a Clan District. It's essential to let every clan member finish a 3-star attack, so everyone will get an extra attack.

    Training Your Capital Army

    Training your army is relatively simple; you can access the training menu by tapping the training button on the village (located in the same place as the Home Village), or by visiting the Army Camp on the Clan Districts.

    All training is instantaneous, as there is no training time.

    Every Clan member has access to Clan Capital Troops and Clan Capital Spells unlocked on the Clan Capital. This means that everyone, from max players to brand new members can attack with the same troops and spells.

    The Army Camp size is the sum of the capacity of all Army Camps located in all Capital Districts.

    Starting the Raid Weekend

    The Leader and Co-Leader sign the Clan up for the Raid Weekend.

    Players sign up by attacking during the Raid Weekend.

    Up to 50 Clan members can join a Raid Weekend.


    The Leader and Co-Leaders can modify Districts in the Layout Editor.

    If you modify a District's layout during a Raid Weekend, the changes will not take effect until your Clan is matched with another Clan.


    Clans get matched against other Clans with roughly the same levels of Buildings.

    Clans do not go head-to-head in Raids. Clans attack a different Clan than the one attacking them.


    Participating on Raid Weekends will reward Raid Medals and Capital Gold.

    Raid Medals is rewards based on your Clan efficiency on the Raid Weekend. Capital Gold can be stolen during each attack.

    For further details visit the Raid Medals and Capital Gold pages.