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Clan Capital Explained | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Clan Capital Explained

    Welcome, everyone, to Clan Capital; where Clans build together and battle together.

    Clan Capital is a Clash of Clans game mode introduced in the Spring 2022 update.

    Welcome to the Clan Capital

    The Clan Capital is a Clash of Clans game mode where all Clan members build a Clan village and battle together.

    Unlocking the Clan Capital

    The Clan Capital requires a Clan level 2 and a Town Hall level 6.

    Once you achieve both requirements, an Airship will show up in your village, which will take you to the Clan Capital.

    Capital Peak and Capital Districts

    The Clan Capital consists of villages organized on the Capital Map.

    The main village is called Capital Peak and features a Capital Hall.

    The other villages organized below are called Capital Districts. Each District has its own District Hall.

    Capital Hall and District Hall are the equivalent of a Town Hall on these villages.

    Upgrading the Capital Hall and District Halls

    Once the Clan unlocks the Clan Capital, it will feature only the Capital Peak, the main village.

    Upgrading the Capital Hall unlocks Capital Districts, which are the bases located below the Capital Peak in the Capital map.

    Currently, there are 6 Capital Districts to be unlocked. You can find the complete list on the Capital District page.

    Upgrading the Capital Hall and District Halls will also unlock buildings, troops and spells.

    For more information, visit the Capital Hall and District Hall pages.

    Layout Edits

    Capital Peak and Capital Districts layouts can be edited only by the Leader and Co-Leaders.

    Districts contain terrain such as water and rocks that create unique challenges to District design.

    If you modify a District's layout during a Raid Weekend, the changes will not take effect until your Clan is matched with another Clan.

    Clan Capital Friendly Challenges

    One very interesting difference from the Home Village are the Friendly Challenges.

    For the first time you can attack your own village using Friendly Challenges. This are a great way to test the changes you have made to Districts.

    Unlocking and Upgrading Buildings

    All buildings and upgrades are made with Capital Gold.

    The Clan Capital is built by all clan members, so everyone can contribute for each construction with Capital Gold.

    There is no timer to build and upgrade any building on the Clan Capital: as soon as enough Capital Gold has been added, the construction is finished.

    Unlocking and Upgrading Troops and Spells

    Troops and Spells work similarly to the Home Village, with some differences:

    • Troops are unlocked by building their Barracks (each troop has its own Barrack);
    • Spells are unlocked by building their Factory (each Spell has its own Factory);
    • There is no Laboratory, so upgrading the Barrack/Factory upgrades the Troop/Spell level;
    • Barracks/Factories are unlocked by upgrading the Capital Hall and District Hall;

    For more information visit the Clan Capital Troops and Clan Capital Spells page.

    Capital Army

    Every Clan member has access to Troops and Spells unlocked on the Clan Capital, . This means that everyone, from max players to brand new members can attack with the same troops and spells.

    Players can also select their Capital Army without training time and cost.

    Raid Weekends

    The Raid Weekend is a period of time where Clans can sign-up to attack other Clan Capitals on Clash of Clans to earn Capital Gold and Raid Medals.

    Although it is called "weekend", the battle starts on a Friday and finishes on a Monday.

    Up to 50 players can participate in the Raid Weekend, with each member having at least 5 attacks.

    For more information, visit the Raid Weekends page.

    Spells Duration

    The most significant change is the Spell duration on Clan Capital Raids. In fact, they last forever and will even remain on the battlefield between attacks.

    Since it might take several attacks to destroy a Capital District, the same deployed Spell can be used by many attackers. Once you finish your attack, your Spell will remain on the battlefield and will be active on the next battle in this Capital District.

    Attack Area

    Also, as each attack destroys more of the enemy's District, the deployment area expands.


    Matchmaking for Capital Raids is based on your Clan Capital progress.


    Participating on Raid Weekends will reward Raid Medals and Capital Gold.

    Raid Medals is rewards based on your Clan efficiency on the Raid Weekend. Capital Gold can be stolen during each attack.

    For further details visit the Raid Medals and Capital Gold pages.

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