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Capital Districts | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Capital Districts

    Districts Explained

    The Clan Capital is a series of bases called "Districts". Each one consists in a separated base.

    Capital Peak

    The first, on the top the map, is the Capital Peak, the most important Clan Capital base.

    This base is available as soon as you enter the Clan Capital. This is a special base that features the Capital Hall, which is similar the Home Village Town Hall. Upgrading it unlocks new buildings and bases, the Capital Districts.

    Capital Districts

    Capital Districs are the bases below the Capital Peak on the map. They are unlocked by upgrading the Capital Hall on the Capital Peak.

    Each district features an unique theme and has its own District Hall. The District Hall works the same as a Town Hall on the Home Village. Upgrading it unlocks new upgrade levels to buildings, traps and troops in that specific District.

    District List

    1. Capital Peak

    The beating heart of your Clan’s Capital.
    Required Capital Level
    Not Applicable

    2. Barbarian Camp

    A savage District that smells of meat roasting over an open flame and anger.
    Required Capital Level
    Sneaky Archers, Battle Ram, Super Giant, Super Barbarian, Minion Horde, and 3 additional Army Camps

    3. Wizard Valley

    A nexus of unstable magics. Tread carefully lest you get caught up in Wizard’s arcane experimentation.
    Required Capital Level
    Wizards and Magic
    Heal Spell, Jump Spell, Super Wizard and an additional Army Camp

    4. Balloon Lagoon

    The high pitched whine of deflating balloons permeates the air followed by high pitched voices and helium gas is abundant here.
    Required Capital Level
    Skeleton Barrel, Rocket Balloon, Flying Fortress and the Lightning Spell

    5. Builder's Workshop

    Builder’s mountain retreat where he comes to tinker and toil, coming up with all kinds of cooky inventions you can unleash upon your foes.
    Required Capital Level
    Raid Carts, Super P.E.K.K.A's and the Frost Spell

    6. Dragon Cliffs

    Leather wings and squealing hogs makes being in this area for any long duration results in insomnia and tinnitus.
    Required Capital Level
    Dragons and other flying creatures
    Super Dragons, Hog Raiders, Rage Spell and an additional Army Camp

    7. Golem Quarry

    The ground shakes and shudders with the footfalls of giant stone creations. Only the most advanced Clans can sufficiently handle the unbridled dynamism of this last district.
    Required Capital Level
    Mountain Golem

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