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    Forge Explained

    The Forge is used to convert Home Village and Builder Base resources into Capital Gold, which is used to upgrade buildings in the Clan Capital.

    Unlocking the Forge

    The Forge unlocks at Town Hall 6, and the player has access to the Clan Capital by being in a level 2 or higher Clan.

    Using the Forge

    Featuring 5 slots, there are two ways of producing Capital Gold on the Forge: automatically or using resources.

    The first slot is unlocked at Town Hall 6 and generates free Capital Gold every 23 hours. The amount depends on your Town Hall level.

    The other 4 slots are crafting slots, which unlocks at Town Hall 9, 11, 12 and 14.

    To use the crafting slots, the user must provide resources that will be converted to Capital Gold. All types of resources from the game can be used: Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir from the Home Village, and Gold and Elixir from the Builder Base.

    Here are the requirements for when you can convert a Resource into Capital Gold:

    • Gold and Elixir: Town Hall 9
    • Builder Gold and Elixir: Builder Hall 8
    • Dark Elixir: Town Hall 13

    A Builder is needed for the entire time of converting a Resource into Capital Gold. It takes 3 days to complete the process, but it can be sped up by Gems. The production is also affected by Builder Boost and Builder Potion.

    Stats: Automatic Production

    Time Required
    Town Hall LevelCapital Gold Obtained

    Stats: Manual Production

    Time Required

    Home Village Resources

    Town Hall LevelResource CostResource CostCapital Gold Obtained

    Builder Base Resources

    Builder Hall LevelResource CostCapital Gold Obtained

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