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Spell Factories Explained | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Spell Factories Explained

    Clan Capital Spell Factories are a building available on Clash of Clans. It was introduced with the Clan Capital update in the 2022 Spring Update.

    Clan Capital Spell Factory Explained

    Clan Capital Spell Factories are used to unlock and upgrade Clan Capital Spells.

    Clan Capital features several Spell Factories, one for each Spell available on the Clan Capital.

    Since we don't have a Laboratory on Clan Capital, the Spell level is based on their Factory level.

    Unlocking Capital Spell Factory

    Clan Capital Spell Factories are located on Clan Districts. Each one can be found in a specific District, which can be unlocked by upgrading the Capital Hall.

    Upgrading Capital Spell Factory

    Upgrading factories will upgrade the spell level to that specific factory.

    These upgrades are made using Capital Gold, which must be provided by Clan members.

    Once the upgrade is completed, the upgraded Spell will be available to all Clan members.

    Stats, Upgrade Chart

    Stats, upgrade chart, upgrade images, and Clan District level requirements to each Factory can be found on each Spell page: