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Mountain Golem | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Mountain Golem

    This monstrous mountain may move as slow as molasses, but do not underestimate his mineralized mitts. Mountain Golem mauls his enemies with the might of...well...a mountain. Literally.

    Mountain Golem is a Clan Capital Troop on Clash of Clans. It was introduced with the Clan Capital on the Spring 2022 update.

    Mountain Golem Explained

    Mountain Golem is a ground that deals splash damage on ground targets thorough his mellee attack.

    Using 160 Housing Spaces, it is the biggest troop on Clash of Clans.

    Special Ability: Crush

    Destroys all Walls simply by touching them.

    How to Use the Mountain Golem

    Tips & Tricks


    Attack RangeAttack SpeedBarrack LevelDamage RadiusJumps WallsGround TargetsHousing SpaceSpeedTriggers Traps

    Upgrade Stats

    LevelDPSHitpointsLaboratory Level

    Upgrade Images

    Level 1 - 5

    Level 1 - 5