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Ice Wizard | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Ice Wizard

    This Legendary wizard slows down enemy defenses with destructive shards of ice!\n\nOnly available for a limited time.

    Party Wizard is a winter temporary troop inspired by the regular Wizard.


    The Ice Wizard is a ranged troop that can be trained with Elixir.

    He is very similar to the original Wizard, but with a few changes: he has a preferred target of defenses, makes a bit less damage and it's cheaper on higher levels.

    With a preferred target of defensive buildings, he will bypass all other buildings and will not attack enemy Clan Castle troops.

    Special Ability

    The Ice Wizard has a special ability that makes him one of the best temporary troops on the game: he temporary slows down his targets.

    With a preferred target of defenses, this ability is actually really good, as he goes direct to defenses and freezes them.


    The Ice Wizard is one of the favorite temporary troops on the game and came on 3 Christmas:

    • 2016 Christmas
    • 2017 Christmas
    • 2019 Christmas


    Air TargetsAttack RangeAttack SpeedBarrack LevelDonate CostGround TargetsHousing SpaceFavorite TargetSpeedTraining TimeTriggers TrapsUpgrade Resource

    Upgrade Stats

    LevelDPSHitpointsLaboratory Level

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