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Clan Capital Spells Explained | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Clan Capital Spells Explained

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    Clan Capital Spells Explained

    Clan Capital Spells are, just as you can imagine, used to battle and attack other Clan Capitals, just like the Home Village Spells.

    Currently the Clan Capital has 5 spells:

    However, there are several changes in their training, unlock, upgrade, and duration.

    Spell Duration

    The most significant change is the Spell duration on Clan Capital Raids. In fact, they last forever and will even remain on the battlefield between attacks.

    Since it might take several attacks to destroy a Clan District, the same deployed spell can be used by many attackers. Once you finish your attack, your Spell will remain on the battlefield and will be active on the next battle on this Clan District.

    Unlocking Spells

    On the Home Village new spells are unlocked by upgrading your Town Hall. On Clan Capital, however, spells are unlocked by building their own Factory.

    Each Spell has its Factory, and they are located in different Clan Districts.

    To find out which Clan District each Spell Factory is located, check each spell page.

    Upgrading Spells

    Another significant difference from the Home Village is you upgrade each Spell.

    On Clan Capital we don't have a Laboratory; instead, every Spell has its own Factory, and the Spells can be upgraded by upgrading their Factory.

    These upgrades, just like all Clan Capital upgrades, don't have a timer. Once the clan members make enough Capital Gold contributions, the upgrade is completed.

    It's important to note that the Spell level is the same for all Clan members. Once the Spell is unlocked or upgraded, all members can train that specific Spell, regardless of their Capital Gold contribution or the Town Hall level.

    Training Your Capital Army

    Another significant difference from the Home Village is the Army Training, as there is no training time.

    Training your army is relatively simple; you can access the training menu by tapping the training button on the village (located in the same place as the Home Village) or by visiting the Army Camp on the Clan Districts.

    Every Clan member has access to Troops and Spells unlocked on the Clan Capital. This means that everyone, from max-out to brand new members, will attack with the same troops and spells.

    All training is instantaneous, as there is no training time.

    The Army Camp size is the sum of the capacity of all Army Camps located in all Clan Districts.