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Clash of Clans 2019 Rewind: A Clash Year In Review


Clash of Clans | 2019 Rewind

Another year is about to end and it is time to remember everything that happened in 2019. Clashers, this is the Clash of Clans Rewind!


  1. 1. Spring Update: Season Challenges
  2. 2. Summer Update: Builder Hall 9 and Legend League
  3. 3. Autumn Update: Halloween
  4. 4. Winter Update: Town Hall 13
  5. 5. Clash of Clans World Championship
  6. 6. Favorite Update of The Year
  7. 7. House of Clashers YouTube Channel

Spring Update: Season Challenges

Clash of Clans | 2019 Rewind | Spring Update

The year started with a massive update in March, the Spring Update, that added Season Challenges, a huge gameplay change. With Season Challenges came the Season Bank, Perks and Hero Skins.

This update is considered by many players one of the most important updates in Clash history, among with Clan Wars/CWL, as it affected the gameplay to all players, regardless of Town Hall or skill level. Hero skins are cool, but the rewards, Perks, boosts and 1-Gem donation made the game much faster and dynamic. The "subscription" of U$4.99 a month also changed the way we spend money on the game. Yes, this is actually a big deal. This update changed the game forever, in a very good way.

Clash of Clans | 2019 Rewind | Hero Skins
Barbarian King, the first Hero skin

This update also added the auto-reload to X-Bows, Inferno Towers, Eagle Artillery and Traps, eliminating a few annoying taps every time we opened the game. It also added the ability to delete wrong donations on Clan War map, automatic succession of leadership for inactive Clan leaders and Clan War Leagues changes (Clan size option + new League Medals system).

Summer Update: Builder Hall 9 and Legend League

Clash of Clans | 2019 Rewind | Summer Update

In June we had the second massive update, the Summer Update! This update brought two huge upgrades to the game, a new Builder Hall level, and a revamped Legend League.

Clash of Clans | 2019 Rewind | Builder Hall 9

A new Builder Hall level was being expected for a while and came not only with new levels to all buildings, but also brought a new defense Lava Launcher, new troop Hog Glider and the very important O.T.T.O builder, which finally made possible to have 2 builders on the Builder Base or 6 builders on the Home Village.

Clash of Clans | 2019 Rewind | O.T.T.O

I know Builder Base has many fans, but unfortunately this update was not enough to make it popular as I think it could be. Some players still don't enjoy playing over there and only played enough to unlock O.T.T.O and upgrade the Gem Mine.

On the same update a brand new Legend League was introduced and this is, in fact, a HUGE deal. Now when you reach 5.000 Trophies you enter on an exclusive multiplayer system where you will be able to attack and defend 8 times a day. It doesn't sound like anything special, but the big twist here was the end of the awful Clouds.

Clash of Clans | 2019 Rewind | Legend League Sign-Up

The Cloud issue was ruining the gameplay experience to trophy pushers since the beginning of the game, over 5 years ago. As you raise your trophies, it gets harder and harder to find an opponent, until it reaches a point where it can take hours to find a single match. The new Legend League not only solved this issue but also created a fair environment where players can equally battle and show their skills to raise trophies. Until then trophy push was about time and patience to face the clouds, now it's all about skills.

Clash of Clans | 2019 Rewind | Legend League Match

This update also added tons of minor things: new Practice Mode, the Barbarian King and Archer Queen got 5 new levels (increasing cap to 65), the Grand Warden got 10 new levels (increasing cap to 40), added the new Research Potion, Magic Hammers cooldown and many balance changes.

Autumn Update: Halloween

Clash of Clans | 2019 Rewind | Autumn Update

In October we had the Autumn Update, also known as Halloween Update. Of all updates this year, this was the smallest one, but for some very good reasons.

The Clash of Clans Championship Finals happened at the end of October with 1 million dollars in rewards. Changing the gameplay a few days before the end of the competition was not a great idea and not fair at all, so Supercell didn't want to change much and affect the competition.

But the big deal here was what was about to come on the Winter Update. It was supposed to be huge with tons of new end-game content, so we knew it was worth the wait.

Clash of Clans | 2019 Rewind | New Recruitment System

This update ended up being famous for killing the Global Chat. Unfortunately to many players, the chat was entirely removed from the game, now we can only talk to other clan members. To help recruitment, a brand new tool was added.

This update also added a temporary Halloween Troop, the Royal Ghost, added extra Quick Train Slots, brought Clan Games improvements (task revive, bonus reward), raised the Builder Base trophy reset to 5.000 and decreased Titan League Village Guard to reduce the Clouds to trophy pushers trying to enter on the Legend League.

Winter Update: Town Hall 13

Clash of Clans | 2019 Rewind | Winter Update

The Winter Update brought the biggest update of the year in terms of content: a brand new Town Hall level!

With the addition of the Town Hall 13, we also got new levels to pretty much all troops, traps, and buildings on your Home Village.

Clash of Clans | 2019 Rewind | Royal Champion

The update also added new stuff: the first new Hero to be added in 4 years, the Royal Champion, two brand new defenses, the Giga Inferno and Scattershot, a new Siege Machine called Siege Barracks and a brand new troop Yeti. Yeap, this update was huge.

This update also increased the Spell donation limit to Clans level 8, the Barbarian King and Archer Queen got 5 new levels (increasing cap to 70), the Grand Warden got 10 new levels (increasing cap to 50), reduced the Army Camp and Laboratory size (to 3x3) and now we can place decoration items on the borders.

Clash of Clans World Championship

Clash of Clans | 2019 Rewind | World Championship

This rewind wouldn't be complete without mentioning the Clash of Clans World Championship. The competition gave 1 million dollars in rewards, started in February and ended in October with NOVA winning the final prize of U$250.000.

Favorite Update of The Year

Clash of Clans | 2019 Rewind | Favorite Update Pool

This week I ran a voting pool on Twitter to find out the most popular update of the year. No surprise here, Builder Hall 9 didn't get many votes.

According to my followers, Town Hall 13 was the best update of the year. Although I really loved this update, I must say that Season Challenges was the most important update in my opinion.

However, killing the Clouds with the new Legend League was my favorite update of the year. This is a true game-changer to high-level players. Since this update affects only high-level players, usually maxed out, it's actually impressive that made 11% of the votes.

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