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Village Guard | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Village Guard

    "Guard is the last bit of time before protection from attackers ends. You can attack others without penalty, but be careful - Guard doesn't last for long!"

    Village Guard is a special type of shield that allows you to attack countless times on the regular Clash of Clans multiplayer but keeps your village protected from enemy attacks.

    The main difference from the regular shields is that attacking while on Village Guard doesn't have a time penalty, so you can attack as many times you want and the time left on the shield will not be affected.

    The Builder Base, Clan Wars, Clan War Leagues, and Legend League (Home Village above 5.000) have different gameplay and don't have Village Guard or Shields.

    Obtaining the Village Guard

    The Village Guard is always granted when the regular shield is dropped. Every time your shield is over, you get a free Village Guard that allows you to attack as many times you want without time penalties.

    The size of the Village Guard granted is only based on the League you are placed:

    LeagueVillage Guard time
    Master I and below30 minutes
    Champion and Titan League (all levels)1 hour

    There are also 2 special 30-minutes Village Guards granted on special occasions:

    • If you defend an enemy attack, but the enemy doesn't many enough destruction (30%) to grant you a regular shield.
    • If you are on Personal Break Time (PBT) but no one attacks you for 6 minutes.

    Purchasing the Village Guard

    A 2-hours Village Guard can also be purchased a single time every day for only 10 Gems.

    To be able to purchase you must be on Village Guard or without any shield. If you have a regular shield or are on Legend League, you can't purchase the extra 2 hours.

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