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Personal Break Time | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Personal Break Time

    If you are a real Clash of Clans player you have probably been locked out of the game for a few minutes because of the Personal Break. But what is this and why does it exists?

    What is the Personal Break

    The Personal Break Time - commonly abbreviated as PBT - is a fancy name that actually means you will be “kicked out” of the game because you are playing too much. But let's put everything into perspective.

    The regular Home Village multiplayer is based on attacks and defenses. There are several types of shields that can prevent your village from being attacked. However, there is an extra one that can be done manually: staying online forever as online players can't be attacked on the regular multiplayer.

    So technically you can prevent your village from being attacked forever, all you have to do is to stay online. Right? Not so much, this is why PBT was created.

    PBT Rules

    The PBT countdown is 4 hours. Once you login for the first time, you can play for 4 hours without being "kicked out" for 6 minutes. However, there are some extra rules:

    • The PBT is automatically reset when you are attacked and receive a shield.
    • Staying offline for 15 minutes without a shield fully resets the PBT, regardless of being attacked.
    • Buying a 2-hour Village Guard will extend the PBT by 2 hours.
    • Defending your village with less than 30% of destruction will grant you a 30-minutes Village Guard, extending the PBT for 30 minutes.
    • Being kicked out of the game for PBT and not being attacked for 6 minutes will give you 30 extra minutes of PBT so you can login and ask for Clan Castle troops. After 30 minutes, you will be forced to quit again. This can happen 2 times. If no one attacks you on the third time, your PBT will be reset.