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Shields | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks


    Long-lasting defense! Shields prevent attacks on your village, but remaining Shield time will go down if you attack. If you buy more than one Shield, their durations are added up.

    Shields are a temporary protection that prevents your Home Village from being attacked on the Clash of Clans regular multiplayer.

    If the shield is activated, you can't be attacked and no enemy will steal your resources. Shields are available only on your Home Village and below 5.000 Trophies. The Builder Base, Wars and Legendary Players (Home Village above 5.000) have a different gameplay and are not affected by regular shields.

    Shields can be obtained and dropped by several ways:

    Automatic Shields

    The most common way to obtain a shield is by being attacked. Defending your village against an enemy attack can provide you a free shield. However, the time of the shield varies according to the percentage of destruction enemy gets:

    • At 30% destruction, a 12-hour shield is awarded.
    • At 60% destruction, a 14-hour shield is awarded.
    • At 90% destruction, a 16-hour shield is awarded.

    On Titan League the shield time is reduced:

    • In Titan III, these shields are 1 hour shorter.
    • In Titan II, the shields are 2 hours shorter.
    • In Titan I, the shields are 3 hours shorter.

    Legendary Players have a completely different matchmaking and shield system, however, if you achieve the 5.000 Trophies mark and don't sign-up to the Legend League, you will get a 4 hour shorter shield.

    All shields are rewarded only if the enemy deploys at least 1/3 of the full army.

    Purchasing Shields

    Shields can also be purchased using Gems. There are 4 options:

    • 1 day shield: 100 Gems, 4 days cooldown.
    • 2 days shield: 150 Gems, 7 days cooldown.
    • 7 days shield: 250 Gems, 35 days cooldown.
    • 2 hour Village Guard: 10 Gems, 23 hours cooldown.

    All shields will add up the time to the current shield time you have, so you can buy all 3 shields at the same time.

    Dropping Shields

    While shielded you can attack enemy bases on multiplayer, however, this will affect the amount of time left on the current shield.

    Every time you start an attack by deploying troops/spells your shield duration will be reduced.

    The first attack will reduce your shield by 3 hours. Later attacks will reduced by 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, and then 24 hours.

    If you search for a village and doesn't deploy any troop or spell, your shield will not be reduced, even if the attack countdown is completed.