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    Log Launcher

    While Log Launcher certainly isn't the fastest or the sturdiest, it is definitely among the meanest. This trunk-throwing contraption pummels everything in front of it with endless logs to open up a path to the enemy Town Hall. Immune to spell effects.

    The Log Launcher is the 5th Siege Machine available on the game. It was introduced on the 2020 Christmas Update and requires a Town Hall 13.

    Log Launcher Explained

    This Log Launcher is a vehicle that shoots logs while slowly moves to the center of the village carrying Clan Castle troops.

    It is unlocked once you upgrade your Siege Workshop to level 5. For this reason, it can only be built by Town Hall 13 users, but it can be donated to level 6 and higher Clan Castles, which requires a Town Hall 10.

    It makes splash damage (area damage) on all buildings on the path of the log, and makes 4x damage against walls, taking 5 logs to destroy a maxed Wall.

    Similar to the Siege Barracks, the life of the Log Launcher decays by itself over time. It takes around 33 seconds to lose all its life and explode even if it doesn't take any additional damage.

    The Launcher has a range of 20 tiles or 4 buildings. To prevent the Log Launcher from destroying defenses from very far away and making it super OP, the log will be destroyed after the 4th building.

    Log Launcher activating the Town Hall from far away

    Similar to Wall Wrecker, the Log Launcher will always move directly to the Town Hall. This creates an issue for this Siege Machine: with a huge range of 20 tiles, it can activate the Town Hall Giga Inferno of Giga Tesla from far away really early in the battle.

    Once the Log Launcher reaches the Town Hall, it will destroy itself releasing all Clan Castle troops. However, with the Log Launcher losing health over time, it's quite unlikely it will reach the Town Hall.

    At last, the logs are useful against enemy Clan Castle troops. We don't have the precise data yet, but the logs are similar to the Spring Trap, making the troops on its path "fly away", but we don't know if it will affect bigger troops.

    Upgrading the Log Launcher

    Upgrading the Log Launcher increases the Hitpoints and Damage per Second.

    Wall Wrecker vs Log Launcher

    At first look, both Siege Machines might look similar, but they have different uses to very different layouts.

    The main difference is the range, as it affects the attack. The Wall Wrecker destroys the wall that is right in front of it, while the Log Launcher has a huge range of 20 tiles which can destroy many layers of walls.

    However, what sounds like a huge advantage for the Log Launcher creates a big issue that prevents its use on many layouts and army formations: the range is so big that it will activate the Town Hall Giga Inferno or Giga Tesla really early on the attack. Depending on the layout, this is a huge problem. Depending on the army formation, this can be an advantage (great to Balloons and Hog riders). However, it certainly narrows its use and makes the Wall Wrecker better on many occasions.

    Requiring 5 hits to take the Walls, the Log Launcher is also a bit less powerful than the Wall Wrecker, which can take down walls with only 3 hits. However, the Log Launcher can hit multiple layers of Walls with a single log.

    The Wall Wrecker has a movement speed of 12, the Log Launcher of only 5.

    The Log Launcher opens a slightly bigger gap on the walls. It can destroy 4 walls, while the Wall Wrecker only 3.

    At last, it's very important to remember that the Log Launcher loses health over time. It's very unlikely it will reach the Town Hall on some layouts, which can be an issue as it will release the troops far from the Town Hall, requiring an extra Jump Spell.

    How to use the Log Launcher

    The Log Launcher is a great Siege Machine to support ground attacks and the Queen Walk.

    With the ability to take down multiple layers of walls, it can easily create a path towards the Town Hall. Just be careful to not activate the Giga Tesla or Giga Inferno really early on the attack.

    The range is so huge it can take defenses without being targeted by them. This is very impressive, it can take down an Inferno Tower from far away for example.


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