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Poison Lizard | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Poison Lizard

    Always the fastest never the lastest, Poison Lizard spits slowing toxins at its foes. Is it actually a venom lizard? Possibly, but who's brave enough to correct it?

    Poison Lizard is a Pet that can be taken to the battle with a Hero. It was introduced with the 2022 Summer Update.

    Poison Lizard Explained

    The Poison Lizard is a Pet characterized by its speed and distinctive attack style. This Pet is known for spitting slowing toxins at its enemies, impacting both ground and air targets.

    Regarding its main statistics, it deals moderate damage per second (ranging from 181 at level 1 to 280 at level 10) with a relatively low hitpoint count. It's important to note that the Poison Lizard's movement speed is very fast (36), making it the fastest unit in the game.

    This speed, however, can be a double-edged sword as it may lead the Poison Lizard into the range of defenses without the protection of a Hero.

    Special Ability: Bad Breath

    The Poison Lizard's special ability, named "Bad Breath," involves spitting blobs of poison at enemies.

    This ability inflicts damage and potentially impacts multiple targets within its range. The maximum damage per second of this ability increases with each level, starting from 80 at level 1 and reaching 120 at level 3​​.

    Unlocking and Requirements

    To unlock the Poison Lizard, players need to upgrade their Pet House to level 7. The Poison Lizard's unlocking and subsequent leveling up require Dark Elixir, with costs increasing at each level.

    This requirement highlights the need for players to manage their resources effectively to maintain and enhance this Pet​​.

    Strategies & Tips

    Hero Pairing

    The Poison Lizard is somewhat situational and doesn't have specific hero pairing recommendations. However, its unique abilities can complement various heroes depending on the context of the battle. Its high speed and damage-dealing capability can be advantageous in specific scenarios, especially when paired with heroes that can benefit from its slowing toxins and damage output​​.

    Tactical Usage

    In tactical terms, the Poison Lizard is especially effective when used with the Grand Warden. This combination is particularly beneficial in Clan Wars and Clan War Leagues, especially when a Warden Walk attack strategy is anticipated to be most effective.

    The Poison Lizard aids in protecting the Grand Warden from enemy Heroes and Clan Castle troops, thereby enhancing the overall value and effectiveness of the strategy.

    It's important to consider the base layout and the specific circumstances of each battle when deciding to deploy the Poison Lizard, as its high speed and low hitpoints can make it vulnerable if not used judiciously​​​​.


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