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Unicorn | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks


    Unicorns have severe trust issues, but overcoming them with love and patience is totally worth it. They'll heal up any minor or major scrapes as well as any Healer!

    Unicorn is a Pet that can be taken to the battle with a Hero. It was introduced with the 2021 Spring Update.

    Unicorn Explained

    The Unicorn serves as a Healer. It's known for its ability to heal both minor and major injuries, just as effectively as a Healer.

    This Pet can target and heal both ground and air-based heroes, which is a notable advantage over the traditional Healers that can only heal ground units.

    The Unicorn's healing rate is consistently high, with both troop and hero heal per second starting at 50 and reaching up to 70 at level 10. However, it has low hitpoints and a slow movement speed of 16, making it the slowest pet in the game​​​​​​.

    Special Ability: Personal Healer

    The Unicorn's special ability is titled "Personal Healer." As the name suggests, it focuses on following and healing the Hero it is paired with.

    This ability makes the Unicorn an invaluable asset for keeping heroes in the fight longer, especially those who are prone to taking significant damage​​​​.

    Unlocking and Requirements

    Players can unlock the Unicorn by upgrading their Pet House to level 4, which is available at Town Hall 14.

    Like other Pets, the Unicorn is upgraded using Dark Elixir, and it cannot be used or assigned while upgrades are in progress. Leveling up the Unicorn enhances its healing capabilities and hit points, making it a progressively stronger ally in battles​​​​.

    Strategies & Tips

    Hero Pairing

    The Unicorn is best paired with the Barbarian King or Archer Queen, as recommended by experts. This is because the Unicorn, with its dedicated healing ability, can significantly enhance the survivability and effectiveness of these Heroes.

    Its slow movement speed means it stays closer to the hero than Healers, which can be both an advantage and a risk, depending on the battle situation​​.

    Tactical Usage

    The combination of the Archer Queen with the Unicorn is particularly effective, creating a mini version of Queen Walk capabilities.

    The Unicorn's healing is comparable to that of two Healers, and its slow movement speed ensures it stays behind the Archer Queen, protecting it from direct damage. This pairing is prevalent across various attack strategies and is favored by both war and push-oriented players.

    The Unicorn's healing influence can be a game-changer in battles, especially when it comes to sustaining the health of key heroes like the Archer Queen​​​​.


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    Upgrade Stats

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    Level 1 - 10