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Pets Explained | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks

    Pets Explained

    Pets are a unit that can be assigned to Heroes on Clash of Clans Home Village. It is unlocked on Town Hall 14 after constructing the Pet House.

    Pets Explained

    Pets are deployed alongside heroes in battles. Players can assign one pet to each hero, tailoring the pairing to complement the hero's abilities and the overall attack strategy.

    The combination of a Hero and their pet can significantly influence battle outcomes, providing additional offensive or defensive capabilities​​​​.

    Each Pet has distinctive characteristics, such as attack type, movement speed, and special abilities. These pets are designed to accompany heroes into battle, enhancing their combat effectiveness. The Pet House serves as the hub for managing Hero Pets, where players can assign them to specific heroes, upgrade them, and strategize their use in battle​​​​.

    There are currently 9 Pets available:

    Unlocking and Upgrading

    Hero Pets become available when players upgrade their Village to Town Hall 14 and construct the Pet House.

    Upgrading the Pet House unlocks different Pets, each with unique abilities.

    Pets are upgraded using Dark Elixir, and they cannot be used while an upgrade is in progress. A Book of Heroes or Hammer of Heroes can be used to instantly complete or speed up pet upgrades​​​​.

    Unique Abilities

    Each Pet comes with a unique ability, such as the Unicorn's healing ability or L.A.S.S.I's wall-jumping capability.

    These abilities are tailored to assist the heroes in specific ways during battles, enhancing their combat performance or survivability.

    For instance, the Mighty Yak excels at destroying walls, aiding heroes like the Barbarian King or Archer Queen in breaching enemy defenses​​​​.

    Strategic & Tips

    Choosing the right Pet for each hero is crucial for effective battle strategies. The pairings can vary depending on the attack strategy and the specific hero's role in the battle. For example, the Electro Owl pairs well with the Grand Warden due to its ranged attack capability, while the Barbarian King benefits from the wall-busting ability of the Mighty Yak.

    Players should experiment with different hero-pet combinations to find the most effective pairings for their attack strategies​​.

    Upgrading with Magic Items

    Hero Pets can be upgraded using Magic Items such as the Book of Heroes or the Hammer of Heroes. These upgrades improve the pets' abilities and overall performance in battles, similar to how heroes are upgraded. Strategic use of these items can accelerate the development of pets, making them more potent allies in combat​​.

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