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Phoenix | House of Clashers | Clash of Clans News and Sneak Peeks


    A true friend will egg you on when things get rough. Phoenix starts the battle as a helpless egg, but at the moment her Hero might go down, she hatches. The furious fiery fowl then gives temporary invulnerability to its Hero and engages nearby enemies.

    Phoenix is a Pet that can be taken to the battle with a Hero. It was introduced with the 2022 Summer Update.

    Phoenix Explained

    The Phoenix is a Hero Pet that begins the battle in an egg form. It hatches to protect its Hero at critical moments, particularly when the Hero is close to being knocked out.

    Upon hatching, the Phoenix engages nearby enemies with fiery fury and offers temporary invulnerability to its Hero. This pet stands out for its ability to potentially change the course of a battle at pivotal moments​​.

    In terms of statistics, the Phoenix's damage per second and hitpoints increase with each level, starting at 178 damage per second and 3,120 hitpoints at Level 1, and reaching up to 250 damage per second and 4,200 hitpoints at Level 10​​.

    Special Ability: Fiery Finale

    The special ability of the Phoenix, "Fiery Finale," provides the Hero with a moment of invulnerability before they are knocked out.

    This ability duration varies with the Phoenix's level, starting at 6 seconds and increasing with each level. The range of this ability extends to 2.5 tiles​​.

    Unlocking and Requirements

    The Phoenix is the eighth and last Pet to be unlocked in Clash of Clans, available when the Pet House is upgraded to level 8, which requires a Town Hall level 15. Initially, the Phoenix starts as an egg that is invulnerable and cannot be targeted​​.


    Hero Pairing

    • Barbarian King: The Phoenix pairs effectively with the Barbarian King, giving a second chance to take out enemy compartments. The Barbarian King's high damage output synergizes well with the revival time bonus provided by the Phoenix, making it a popular choice for many players​​​​.
    • Royal Champion: The Phoenix also pairs well with the Royal Champion. The Phoenix’s revival ability complements the Royal Champion's strategy of charging into the core of the base and engaging enemy defenses. This combination can provide a significant advantage, potentially leading to a successful attack or a three-star victory​​.
    • Archer Queen: While the Phoenix can give the Archer Queen a second approach, its usage is less popular due to its squishiness and unreliability. It is vulnerable to air mines, which can undermine the backup plan​​.

    Tactical Usage

    The Phoenix's ability to provide invulnerability and engage enemies makes it a versatile and impactful pet in various attack strategies. Its pairing with key heroes like the Barbarian King and the Royal Champion can be crucial in achieving extra percentages necessary for a meaningful impact, especially in situations where the Hero's survival is critical.


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